Whitney & Bre on ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On tonight’s episode of MTV’s show Catfish, we have the case of Whitney and Bre (Brenell). The official synopsis of the episode reads: Whitney tries to meet her online love with the help of Nev and Max … After meeting on an LGBT site four years ago, a couple has yet to even engage in a video chat, raising red flags. Read on for more information on the episode and tune in here as we continue to fill in more details throughout the show.

1. Distance Has Been an Issue For the Online Couple

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Whitney reaches out to MTV from Brooklyn, saying that she lives with her family and is a “closer” at Wendy’s. She’s in a back and forth relationship with someone who goes by “Bre” and says she lives in California. Whitney says the killer in their relationship has been distance as they’ve agreed that if they lived closer to each other, they would be “official.”

When Nev and Max try to track down Bre, they find an account with the name Kash, but also find another account for “Brenell”.

2. Bre and Whitney Met On DowneLink

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DowneLink is a free website for social networking among gay, lesbian, bi and transsexual people “on the go.” It is also a mobile app. The “About” section of the website reads:

The foundation of DowneLink is to provide a space for Downe people and their friends to exchange ideas, build friendships, and connect with nearby users. As with any community, we hope to grow and introduce new and innovative services that will suit their wants and needs. DowneLink offers an array of features, such as social networking, blogs, messages/bulletins, video chat and instant message, forums, and more. Whether it is meeting nearby girls or guys, keeping in touch with old friends, searching for the best cafes or discussing your views on life, DowneLink is the place to be.

Click here to check it out.

3. Whitney Hopes to Go to School for Culinary Arts

While Whitney does work at Wendy’s, she’s hoping to go back to school to pursue her passion for the culinary arts. Because Whitney is actually the sole breadwinner in her house, she can’t go out to California and just pick up and leave to visit Bre. Whitney is the oldest of her siblings and carries a great weight on her shoulders, working six days a week and overtime when she can.

Money is also an issue for Bre, who Whitney says used to be an exotic dancer but also wants to go back to school.

4. Bre And Whitney Have a Lot In Common

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Whitney and Bre have been talking on the phone for years, but they’ve never video-chatted and Whitney only has a few photos of Bre. She wants to know if they just have a phone relationship or if it’s something real because Bre is Whitney’s best friend. Whitney says they have so much in common from music to life in general.

5. This Episode Has a “Catfish First”

In a preview of the episode, we see a confused Nev Schulman and Max Joseph as they discovered they’ve been played. We’ll have to see how they’ve been duped. After digging a little bit, Nev and Max find out that Brenell (who is going under a different Facebook name) and Whitney have been video-chatting and have been in a relationship for four years. They believe Whitney has lied to them and decide to go through the motions to see what happens.

When Nev and Max meet back up with Whitney, they have a big discussion about lying and then dive into their findings. At this point, Whitney is still in the dark about what they discovered. And, when the guys ask Whitney if she’s ever talked to the girl who goes by Brenell and Lucious B, she says “no.” Then she is caught red-handed and at first, denies everything. However, she does finally admit that she and Bre came up with the idea to contact Catfish so that they could finally meet.

After contemplating what to do, Nev and Max ultimately decide to help the two lovebirds get together. Upon meeting, they run into each other’s arms, kissing and giggling.

Bre and Whitney now are able to fly back and forth to see each other as both of their financial situations have improved.

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