‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers 2015: Episode 2 – 5/25/15

Tonight airs the official second episode of the 2015 season of The Bachelorette, which means the beginning of the group dates as well as solo dates. The official synopsis of the episode reads: Boxer Laila Ali prepares the men to square off against one another; comic Amy Schumer instructs the bachelors on standup comedy; Clint gets the first one-on-one-date. For all the information on tonight’s episode, check out our spoilers below.

Celebrity Guest Stars

On tonight’s episode, there are three celebrity guest stars that make appearances. Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, comes on the show as the judge in a boxing match that Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe and host Chris Harrison put a group of the contestants through. Comedienne Amy Schumer appears for the second group date of the episode, which takes place at a comedy club. In addition, according to Reality Steve, actor Justin Long is in the audience at the comedy club, but he doesn’t participate in the craziness.

Britt Nilsson Is Still On the Show

If you thought you saw the last of Britt on the show, you were wrong. Britt appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and revealed that contestant Brady Toops shows up at her hotel room and lets her know he left the show for a shot at love with her. She says she thought it was a nice, smooth move on his part. She also hinted at a relationship with him. According to Reality Steve, the two are dating in real life. Britt lets the Jimmy Kimmel audience know that Brady’s approach to her in her hotel room is all shown on The Bachelorette this week, so get ready.

After Britt Nilsson calls her mother to tell her she was going home, Toops showed up at her hotel room and said that he’s hoping for the start of something great.

The Group Dates

There are two group dates tonight – one is a boxing match for the guys and the other is at a comedy club, where the guys have to come up with jokes. For the boxing match, there are three rounds and the guys have to fight for the love of Kaitlyn. The winner of the boxing date is Ben Z., so he gets the first group date rose. For the second group date, the guys hit up a comedy club where they tell some jokes and make fun of their fellow contestants. Even Kaitlyn gets in on the action. According to Reality Steve, contestant Joe plants a kiss on Kaitlyn during his stand-up routine, right in front of the other guys. Despite Joe’s efforts, it’s reported that contestant JJ gets the group date rose. Ryan B., Cory Shivar, and Shawn Booth don’t get to go on dates for this episode.

The Solo Date

#TheBachelorette is all-new on Monday and Kaitlyn promises it'll be a real knock-out!

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Tonight is the very first one-on-one date of the season and the lucky winner of that is Clint Arlis. Clint and Kaitlyn do an underwater photoshoot and have dinner together, which is a relatively simple date. It goes well, though the two are nervous, and Clint gets the first solo date rose.


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Photo: Daniel Finney (Instagram)

Who gets eliminated on tonight’s episode? Well, there are three men who get sent home. The first contestant who is eliminated is Kupah James, who apparently has a small argument with Kaitlyn before the rose ceremony. Kaitlyn tells Kupah that she thought he didn’t notice her during the boxing date, while he thought she hadn’t noticed him yet. Kupah also admits that he initially didn’t feel a connection with her, but that his talking to her was making him feel better. Another concern of Kupah’s was that he didn’t want to just be on the show to meet some sort of quota for having enough men “of color.” His rambling ends up sending him packing as Kaitlyn says she felt a connection with him until this conversation. But, what really put a nail in his coffin, was when Kaitlyn overheard him talking about their conversation to the other guys. Kupah’s response to Kaitlyn letting him go is that it’s “shitty.” He also begs to stay, but Kaitlyn is undeterred in her decision.

Daniel Finney and Cory Shivar are the other two guys who get eliminated, which is really unfortunate for Cory because he didn’t even get a date with Kaitlyn yet. You won’t get to see their eliminations until next week. To brief you, Daniel is the fashion designer from Nashville, Cory is the Residential Developer from Texas, and Kupah is the entrepreneur from Boston.

Next Episode Spoilers

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For a glimpse into next week’s episode, here’s the run-down of what to expect. There are two eliminations that happen before the rose ceremony, so the rose ceremony is cancelled. Shawn B. and both Bens get roses. As for the group dates, the episode is filled with safe-sex education talks and sumo-wrestling. Yikes.

On the next episode, Brady Toops officially asks Britt Nilsson to be his girlfriend and she said “yes.”

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I think Kaitlyn is full of herself. She makes the weirdest faces and I find her not likeable. My opinion of her was formulated during the last bachelor show with Chris. She seems very jealous of Britt and insults her over and over again. I think Chris should have told her the vote was very close between her and Britt (if in fact that was true). He may have said that to make Britt feel better.

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