‘Bates Motel’ Season 3 Finale Spoilers & Recap

On tonight's finale of Bates Motel, Norman sinks deeper into his mental illness, Norma reaches a breaking point, Emma and Dylan take their relationship to a new level and Sheriff Romero takes a dark path. Have a look at the recap and spoilers for the season 3 finale below, broken up by each character name.

Emma: Emma's father alerts her that there is a lung donor available for her and that they must head to Portland right away. Emma is terrified and worried that her body wouldn't react well to the transplant. She doesn't want to be monitored for the rest of her life and worry about dying, so she flees her house and Dylan finds her. He tells her that she's the bravest person he knows and the two share a passionate kiss. At that moment, they know that Emma is going to get the transplant and that they have something special together.

Dylan: In addition to the changes going on with Norman and with his budding relationship with Emma, Dylan is dealing with his father/uncle Caleb leaving. Dylan becomes angry that Caleb left for good, something Dylan realizes when he finds out that Caleb left him his guitar.

Romero: As the DEA begins to close in on arresting Bob Paris, Romero visits Norma at the motel. He says he won't apologize for turning over the flash drive to the DEA because it was the right thing to do. However, he clearly regrets the state of their relationship and says he wishes he could protect her more. Norma has a tearful revelation about her son and forgives Romero. As the DEA is on their way to arrest Bob Paris at his home, Romero makes a decision that changes his life. Romero calls Paris to warn him about the DEA coming and tells him he has 10 minutes to escape them. Romero then confronts Paris down by the docks as Paris is running away. Knowing that Paris has a ton of money in his bag to take with him and knowing that if Paris were dead, Norma would be safe, Romero takes the dark path. Paris tells Romero that he's become just like his father and is only doing this for his own personal gain. With that, Romero shoots Paris to death in the neck, making Romero a rich man.

Norma: Reluctantly, Norma is looking into professional help for her son and even looks at a home for him. When she confides in Norman about her plans to get him help, he becomes angry and believes she's given up on him. He then retreats to his room. In a scuffle with Norman who is trying to run away, Norma falls down the stairs and ends up knocking out Norman. She drags him to the basement and ties his arms and feet together. She then calls Dylan to come and help her after locking Norman in the basement.

Bradley: Bradley is still in the picture and breaks into her mother's house to steal thousands of dollars and a ton of valuable jewelry. She urges Norman to leave town with her, saying they can go anywhere together. At first, Norman decides not to go with Bradley, but after the altercation with his mother, he is determined. Upon being locked in the basement, Norman manages to untie himself and crawl out the window to run away with Bradley.

Norman: Norman's condition is escalating. When he decides to leave with Bradley, he starts having hallucinations in the car ride. He believes his mother is talking to him and she tells him that she wants to speak with Bradley. When Norman agrees to let her talk to Bradley, he tells Bradley to pull the car over and then grabs the wheel. Norman has now become "Norma" and attacks Bradley, chasing her out of the car. Bradley dies after getting her head smashed on a rock over and over again by "Norma." When Bradley dies, Norman exclaims, "Mother, what have you done?!" He then drives the car to the water with Bradley in the trunk. Before submerging the car in the water with Bradley's body in it, he opens the trunk and apologizes to her dead body. Norman tells her he's sorry that his mother did this to her.

The episode ends with Norman watching Bradley's car sink in the water and he imagines his mother is right there with him, holding him, and telling him that they'll never be apart.

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