Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Which Celebrities Were at the Big Fight?

Chances are, you were not at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday to witness boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Filipino rival Manny Pacquiao. And with the average price for tickets getting as high as $13,152 in the secondary market, those lucky enough to be there were a select few. "Tickets are going for between $8,000 and $400,000 to $500,000," Mayweather said at a pre-fight media event "You know, we call this the billionaire boys' club." Here's a list of the celebrities and personalities who scored tickets to the big fight: Clint Eastwood,


Jay Z,

Robert DeNiro,

Sean Combs,

Denzel Washington,

Michael Jordan,

Ben Affleck,

Christian Bale,

Michael Keaton,

Mark Wahlberg,

Bradley Cooper,

Michael J. Fox,

Jake Gyllenhaal,

Don Cheadle,

Drew Barrymore,

Joe Jonas,

Nick Jonas,

Jimmy Kimmel,


Justin Bieber,

Jesse Jackson,

Liev Schreiber,

Tom Brady,

Jamie Foxx,

Magic Johnson,

Jon Voight,

Nicki Minaj,

Mary J. Blige,

Les Moonves,

Julie Chen,

Dave Chappelle,

Louis C.K.,

Paris Hilton,

Nicole Scherzinger,

Claire Danes,

Anna Paquin,

Stephen Moyer,

Donald Trump,

Calvin Harris,

Robert Craft,

Dax Shephard,

Michael Strahan,

Gayle King,

Andre Agassi,

Steffi Graf,

French Montana,

Chris Brown,

Charles Barkley,

Reggie Miller,

Joshua Jackson,

Diane Krugerv

Sugar Ray Leonard,

Amanda Peet,

Antoine Fuqua,

Evander Holyfield,

Mike Tyson,

Tobey Maguire,

Kevin Connolly,

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,

Matt Bomer.

Click through the gallery to see the other celebrities who enjoyed the fight from ringside. All image: Getty