Clark Beckham, ‘American Idol’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Clark Beckham is one of the luckiest 22 year-olds in the country as he battles it out on the finale of American Idol as one of the final two contestants. Up against music industry veteran Nick Fradiani, 29, Beckham hopes to win the title and begin a new life for himself. Read on for all the facts on Beckham, what he brings to the competition, and the latest news on the rising star.

1. Religion Is Very Important To Him

Beckham’s faith is number one in his life aside from music and it’s also something he’s struggled with. Charisma News reports Beckham as stating:

Well, God is music, God made music, God put music in me. He’s driven me here, and in many ways, protected me from certain things, certain doors, that I wanted to go through that He closed. He so clearly opened this door, so I just went through. It’s just been really great, and I’m just trusting Him, going where He leads.

Beckham is a graduate of Lee University, a Church of God school and he explains what he battles with when it comes to his religion as this:

We’re always in a spiritual battle to stay focused, doing what we’re called to do, what He wants us to do, seeking first His kingdom and righteousness.

Beckham has realized that he doesn’t have to perform only religious music to be a good Christian.

2. He’s The Son Of Two Musicians

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Beckham’s mother and father are both musicians – Teri and Virgil Beckham, so he grew up listening to music like Motown and was influenced by his parents. Beckham told Times Free Press:

My dad was a professional guitar player and singer for the Righteous Brothers, Dolly Parton and a lot of people. Music was always around and there were always guitars around the house. I would hear him sing and he just sounded so good on everything. I sing just like him — the same riffs, the same gravel in my voice. It’s from growing up hearing him and taking what he has shown me.

3. Beckham Is Single

In an interview with Billboard after part one of the season 14 finale, Beckham was asked if he had been singing about a special someone in his performance on the show last night. Beckham then revealed that he is very much single, stating:

Well the song is about “she’s gone … ” I guess that could be accurate because there’s no one. There’s no one in my life that way. Music is my girlfriend.

4. Judge Harry Connick Jr. Gave Him Some Trouble During His Idol Journey

Sometimes the judges’ critiques can really hit home with the performers and “Harsh Harry” Connick Jr.’s comments really hit a chord with Beckham. He said he struggled with some of the advice Connick gave him and it affected his performances. Beckham confessed to Times Free Press:

The moment I let go trying to impress Harry and focused on playing the music is when I started doing better. That’s when Harry started giving me more affirmation and comments that he was impressed.

Beckham said he was obsessing over Connick’s criticisms too much … It’s okay. We still love you Harry.

5. His American Idol Single Is Called “Champion”

Each of the final two contestants receive their designated single at the end of the competition and Beckham’s been given the original song “Champion.” While some fans weren’t happy with the song, Beckham had this to say to Billboard:

We have some of the greatest writers that we’re blessed to have write for us. This song that they had for us, that they selected, they selected it for victory, like a victory chant. I think both of our songs are very appropriate for the end. And me, I am absolutely infatuated with the lyrics in my song. I love it. I think it preaches. And it’s not R&B, it’s not soul but there is soul in the lyrics. And I think soul transcends just the music. It’s absolutely in the instrumentation and the music. I really love my song.

Competitor Nick Fradiani has a more upbeat song called “Beautiful Life.”