‘Criminal Minds’ Season 10 Finale Spoilers & Recap

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The episode starts off with Callahan’s niece Meg and friend Marchaela being abducted by a woman who they thought was their online friend “Bobby’s” mother. Callahan receives an emergency text from Meg and realizes something is wrong. A very pregnant Callahan decides to take action, though she’s advised to stay home and wait for news about Meg. The team find surveillance footage of the girls getting into a van outside the library and immediately jump on the case. In result, the team sets up shop in Callahan’s house. When Garcia tries to hack into Meg and her friend’s computers, she realizes they are wiped clean, meaning that the abductors are professionals.

Callahan almost faints from the stress and she is ordered on bed rest. In the meantime, Meg and her friend wake up from being tranquilized by their abductors. When Callahan is presented with a photo of “Bobby”, she recognizes the picture from a previous case.

At one point in their abduction, the girls try to escape and Meg’s friend gets away at the expense of one of the abductors, who is shot dead for letting her get away. Marchaela finds a neighbor’s help and ends up at the hospital. Her mother and some of the team head to the hospital to ask her questions. Marchaela cries that she didn’t want to leave Meg, but it was the plan and that Meg said Callahan and the BAU would never stop looking for her. The team realizes that Meg has been made part of a human-trafficking ring.

As the abductors cut Meg’s hair, preparing her for purchase, the male who killed the other male abductor (Kyle) says that Marcheala has been killed. He says this when the female abductor questions his whereabouts. The male says he told him to get rid of the body. Upon hearing this, Meg panics.

The team is able to track down the abductors, but Meg has already been sold. As Meg is driven away, she tries to kick her way out of the trunk. The agents interrogate the male and female abductors (Alex and Paige) in separate rooms trying to find Meg. Alex only wants to talk to Callahan, but the agents refuse to let him see her. Alex says he took Meg because he couldn’t get Callahan.

It’s revealed that the abductor Paige is actually a former victim who was once abducted and her name is really Donna. It’s also revealed that the abductor Kyle was her son – the son of Paige and Alex. Upon learning that her son has been killed by his own father, Paige reveals the identity of Meg’s buyer, along with a ton of other sick buyers. Meg is saved just before her owner was about to start torturing her to death.

At the end of the episode, JJ reveals to Reid that she, like Callahan, is also pregnant. Then Callahan tearfully said goodbye, saying that she wanted to take some time away because the safety of her children was most important to her.

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