‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Elimination & Spoilers

'Survivor: Worlds Apart' Episode 5/13/15

Tonight's episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart is titled "My Word Is My Bond" and the episode description reads: Immunity is more important than ever with only six castaways left in the competition; a tough reward challenge leaves players puzzled; an alliance starts to fall apart. In the previous episode, the only reason that Mike wasn't voted off was because he used his immunity idol. And, Rodney was upset because no one gave up their rewards for him since it was his birthday and he'd never had one. Again, Rodney lost the reward challenge and, though Carolyn contemplated giving up hers, she ended up keeping it. And, much to the upset of the other contestants, Mike was the contestant who ended up winning the Immunity challenge, which automatically scores him a spot in the top 5. With Mike winning immunity, the others decide they want to vote Dan off the show, but Mike has other plans. Another contestant whose name comes up is Carolyn's because she's a big threat. So who was eliminated tonight and who made it into the top 5? Well, Dan decided to use his idol, which meant he was exempt from being sent home. In response, Carolyn decides to play hers as well and then high-fives Mike on her way back to her seat. This means that Dan is not safe and he ends up being voted off the show. Carolyn saved herself from elimination and screwed over Dan Foley in one move. Bravo.

Now that you're caught up on what went down tonight and who was eliminated, click through our gallery of the best still shots from this episode. (CBS)