‘Gotham’ Season 1 Finale Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Gotham’s initial introduction to TV has blossomed into an engaging crime drama.

James Gordon and his cop ally Harvey Bullock have solved several cases, fought against corruption within the GCPD and stopped a maniacal serial killer. While the good of their city has been on display, the bad has also come to light. Mafia families are going to war, The Penguin is orchestrating it all and Fish Mooney is on her way home. It looks like the season one finale will make everything come to a head.

Here’s the top five highlights for this tumultuous and supremely entertaining Gotham season finale.

1. Fish Mooney Managed to Return to Gotham With a New Crew in Tow

Gotham Season Finale

Fish Mooney and her crew of survivors made it back to Gotham in one piece. She happened to run into Selina Kyle and let her know a new day would come, thanks to her ploy to reclaim her city. Bruce Wayne and Alfred tried to discover what the big secret regarding Bruce’s father could be. The war between the Falcone and Maroni family intensified as two assassins tried to kill Carmine Falcone with a rocket launcher in tow.

Leslie Thompkins, James Gordon’s girlfriend, ended up evaluating Barbara Kean’s mental status. Barbara requested Leslie’s personal services for her furthered mental evaluation. In a nearby hospital, Oswald Cobblepot confessed to Falcone that he planned his former boss’ end. Penguin made it clear that he wanted to become the king of Gotham in his place. Before Penguin could off Falcone, James stopped him and put Penguin and Butch under arrest for attempted murder.

2. Fish Mooney Gained a New Ally – Selina Kyle!

Gotham Season Finale

James freed Falcone and requested he head out to make sure he regains control of Gotham. James made a call to his partner Harvey Bullock and told him to aid him in his efforts to protect the men in his custody. James ran into Commissioner Loeb and knew that he and his men were there to kill Falcone. Loeb left his men to do the dirty deed of killing James, but James shot them all down after a hectic gun battle. Harvey came to James’ aid, which led to them driving away from the scene with Falcone, Penguin and Butch. Of course, Sal Maroni and his men were none too pleased with their escape.

Bruce and Alfred ransacked their main room in search of Bruce’s father’s secret. Meanwhile, James, Harvey and the men they retrieved went to a secret location. It turns out it wasn’t much of a secret, since Fish (and her new ally Selina) arrived with guns and a score to settle. Barbara and Leslie began their meeting, which was meant to delve into Barbara’s mental state. Fish tied up James and everyone he drove in with. She ended up making a deal with Maroni that would be fulfilled if she gave him Falcone’s head.

3. Fish Mooney Put a Bullet in Maroni’s Head

Barbara confessed to everything she went through with James when they were together. Things got pretty awkward when Leslie was forced to confess that she now dates James. Later on, Maroni arrived at Fish’s fort with the mission to kill all the men in front of him. Penguin tried to stay alive by pushing a wedge between Fish and Maroni’s “partnership.”

It turns out Penguin’s ploy worked to perfection after all. Fish had enough of Maroni’s name calling and she shot him with one bullet to the head. All of a sudden, a firefight broke out between Fish and Maroni’s crew.

4. Barbara Admitted to Stabbing Her Parents to Death and Slitting Their Throats

Barbara and Leslie sat down for a seemingly peaceful cake and tea date. Barbara pushed the question of if James told Leslie if he loved her yet. James and his men managed to escape the firefight. While outside, Falcone admitted that what he saw today made him look for a permanent retirement.

They all tried to run away and hide from Fish, but Selina ended up finding them hiding in a cargo truck. Before Fish could do her final deed, Penguin shot down several members of Fish’s gang. Penguin went on a rampage while following Fish, which allowed James and his survivors to make their grand escape.

Back at Barbara’s house, she went into detail about what happened when Jason (the serial killer) that kidnapped her drove her to her parents’ home. Barbara admitted that she was the one who killed her parents, not Jason. All of a sudden, Barbara picked up a kitchen knife and attempted to murder Leslie.

5. Bruce and Alfred Located Bruce’s Father’s Secret

Gotham Season Finale

Leslie trapped herself in the bathroom while Barbara continued chasing her down. Both women fought like maniacs and Leslie managed to knock her out. James walked in them and saw Leslie with her hands on Barbara’s neck on the ground. Leslie ran into James’ arms. Penguin and Fish were seen brawling on the roof. Butch found the both of them and had a hard time deciding who to shoot and kill. He ended up shooting the both of them in a fit of confused rage. Penguin murdered Fish when he pushed her off the roof and proclaimed himself as the new king of Gotham.

Edward Nygma ran into the girl he loved so much back at the precinct. She noticed that the letter that was supposed to be sent on her dead boyfriend’s behalf had a clue from Nygma on it. Of course, Nygma didn’t admit to being the one who killed her boyfriend. Nygma went nuts after she left when he went over the reasons he should or should not keep pursuing her.

James met up with Falcone one more time. Falcone told James that he would be the one to bring justice to Gotham. Falcone handed James a knife that was gifted to him by James’ father. Falcone admitted that James’ father was the most honest man he ever met, but he still carried a knife. Bruce and Alfred finally discovered the secret room that Bruce’s father hid. A clue given to Bruce led to him finding a switch that opened a secret room behind the fireplace. They found a cave filled with bats.