‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 11 Finale Spoilers

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On tonight’s season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, the episode is titled “You’re My Home” and the official synopsis reads: As the doctors continue to tackle an unfathomable crisis, they are reminded of what is important and brought closer together, on the season finale. In addition, The Huffington Post believes there’s a big break up on the horizon. Christian Post reports that: The publication believed that Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) might be calling it quits before Season 11 ends. The split, the site reasoned out, shouldn’t come as a surprise after the tragic event they both went through this season which involved giving up on April’s pregnancy after they found out that the unborn baby has a rare bone disease. Cross your fingers for a happy ending because after the death of Derek, the cast surely needs it.

As for how the cast is dealing with Patrick Dempsey’s leaving the show, actress Kelly McCreary told E! News:

Derek was a beloved character on Grey’s Anatomy. We will miss that character. We’ll miss the love story between him and Meredith. We’re really looking forward to seeing how Meredith grows and changes and transforms and how all the doctors in the hospital react to a core member of their team being lost.

While the story was that Dempsey was originally written off the show for bumping heads with the creator of the show, but now a new story has surfaced as Radar Online reports Dempsey was fired for an inappropriate relationship with a staffer. A source told the website:

Patrick had an inappropriate relationship with a young woman who worked on the set. [Costar] Ellen Pompeo found out and was angry because she’s close friends with Jillian [Dempsey’s wife], so of course, she told her.

The source then said the show creator Shonda Rimes has no tolerance for that kind of behavior, so she immediately wrote Dempsey off the show. Whether this is true or not, Pompeo has neither confirmed nor denied the news to Radar.

Tonight’s finale airs at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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