‘The Voice’ 2015: Sawyer Fredericks & Koryn Hawthorne – Team Pharrell Williams 5/4/15

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Koryn Hawthorne and Sawyer Fredericks are the two contestants remaining on the 2015 season of The Voice from Team Pharrell Williams. They are both in the top 6 for season 8 and we’ve got all the best info on the two performers. Let’s start off with Fredericks, who is a young boy with an old soul. He’s giving a free concert at the Palace Theater this Wednesday as the Albany News has reported and fans were lined up waiting for the box office to open. In response to their enthusiasm, Fredericks wrote this message on his Facebook page:

It’s really unbelievable how big this homecoming visit has become the response and support from my community has been huge thank you to all the people who are putting this event together, and to everyone taking the time to come and see my show.

Fredericks’ hometown visit to Fultonville is a big event with schools even closing early to honor the young singer. Mayor Robert Headwell told WNYT that the town is throwing a parade in Fredericks’ honor and he was excited to talk about it, dishing that:

We’ve got horse driven wagons. We’ve got tractors. We’ve got race cars. We’ve got fire departments, ambulances. We’ve got everything you can imagine that’s going into this parade … This is like the biggest thing that’s ever happened in this area except for floods and the Thruway bridge collapse.

Fredericks has been a fan favorite throughout the competition. As for Koryn Hawthorne, she continues to thank her fans for their support via her social media accounts as well. Tiffany Spraggins, a cousin of Hawthorne’s father and principal of Lighthouse Christian Preparatory School, dished to Daily World about Hawthorne’s talents:

The overseer of our church had spoken a word to her and said her talent was something that was going to be seen by the world. We’ve always looked for this in Koryn. We believed it because God spoke that into her life. We knew that it was something that was given to her. I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I’m overwhelmed to see it come to pass, just exactly what we knew what was going to happen.

Another family member, Hawthorne’s aunt Samantha January, also spoke to the publication about Hawthorne and opened up about the struggles that Hawthorne’s fans have dealt with over the course of the season, explaining that:

Because she’s from a smaller town, she’s kind of at a disadvantage. Our main goal is to network and get the word out to as many people as we can … We realize that a lot of people around here didn’t actually watch The Voice. Even if they had, they didn’t realize that someone local was on it. So we’ve been reaching out to connections we have in different states, to get everybody on board and to tune in … The different ways that you can vote have been a struggle for us, too. You can vote on the phone, but you can vote on computer, iPhone app or iTunes. We’ve set up command posts and set up iTunes on computers for some people. Some, we have to show how to set up an email account just to get an iTunes account. We’ve had to think outside of the box with every way we can try to get the votes up.

Hawthorne is from Abbeville, Louisiana.

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