Mike Holloway Wins ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ 2015 – Season 30

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Who won on tonight’s finale episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart 2015? The season 30 winner is … Mike Holloway.

The episode started out with a look at the live audience from the reunion episode set, followed by highlights on each finalist from throughout the competition. Next, we move into the actual episode, with everyone adjusting to last episodes elimination. Carolyn realizes that Mike was the only person who had her back and she decides to use that knowledge in her strategy. Mike starts off the episode feeling a bit isolated.

For the reward challenge, each contestant had to race under a net and then maneuver tiles that they eventually had to match up. With the reward challenge brings loved ones this time around. Carolyn is greeted by her husband, who she hugs while crying. This prompts the others to get emotional. Carolyn and her husband were high school sweethearts and they’ve been married over 40 years. Mike is greeted by him mom Debra and he becomes quite emotional over her being there for him. Rodney’s dad Rodney Sr. comes out and hugs his son, who starts crying as well. Sierra’s father Danny then appears and picks up his daughter, giving her a huge hug. Sierra starts to cry and says her dad is her best friend. Finally, Will gets to see his wife, who runs crying into his arms.

As a reward, the winner gets alone time with a loved one plus an advantage in the immunity challenge. Mike wins and gives his mom a kiss. Meanwhile, Will is very frustrated with his loss, but puts a smile on his face. Mike is so happy to have his mother spend the night at the camp with him and all the other finalists. For Mike’s advantage, he gets to go through the maze from the upcoming Immunity challenge, blind-folded, but guided by his mother. Unfortunately, it was a lot more difficult than they anticipated and Mike’s mother felt awful, believing she let her son down.

During the Immunity challenge, Rodney helps the others, while Mike ends up on his own in the game. Despite the other contestants not helping him out, he wins Immunity, securing his spot in the final four. After Mike wins, Carolyn and Sierra meet with him to discuss the fate of the other two contestants. Mike says that there’s no way he’s going to write Carolyn’s name down. However, he did express concerns to Sierra about everyone working together in the reward challenge without him. Mike says he doesn’t want coattail-riders anymore. Sierra, Carolyn and Mike pretty much agree to write down Rodney’s name as a cast-off. Mike lets Rodney know that he’s at risk of being sent home, revealing to him that both of the girls want to throw him under the bus. Rodney speaks with Will about voting for Sierra and Mike tells the camera that he really just doesn’t trust anyone in the competition. Mike also admits in tribal council that he cannot trust anyone in the game. Upon hearing that, Rodney admits that Mike said it was either him or Sierra. Sierra tries to plead her case, but ends up looking weaker. Will reveals that if Mike doesn’t keep winning Immunity challenges, he will be on the chopping block at the next tribal council. Sierra ends up being the one voted out of the game.

After a commercial break, the show picks back up on Day 38 with a killer Immunity challenge for the final four. Mike starts off with a lead and Rodney begins in last place. Rodney starts to catch up, but Mike ends up with the win once again, much to the dismay of Will, who came in last. Even with the disappointment, all three of the other contestants congratulate Mike with a group hug.

Mike meets with Carolyn and tells her that there’s no way he is voting her out of the competition. Mike talks to Carolyn about the two of them voting for Rodney, while Rodney and Will vote for her. Mike says this would create a tie and would end up in a fire challenge. So, Mike tells Carolyn to work on creating fire before the tribal council so that she has the upper-hand. Carolyn has a tough time making fire on her own. At tribal council, it is tied between Rodney and Carolyn, which means they square off in a fire-making challenge. Both contestants struggle to make fire. After a great deal of work, Rodney starts to make fire, with Carolyn then sparking a flame. The competition becomes extremely close, but the winner ends up being Carolyn, which means Rodney is eliminated.

On the day of the final tribal council, each of the competitors get an amazing breakfast to feast on before they had to plead their case to their former competitors. They then had to face their peers, who decided their fate. Host Jeff Probst reveals the votes in front of a live audience at the CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles.

For more information on the top 5 contestants from tonight’s finale episode, check out the below links:

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