Nick Fradiani, ‘American Idol’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nick Fradiani has come a long way on his journey with American Idol and he could be crowned the winner of season 14 tonight. Competing against fellow singer Clark Beckham, Fradiani hopes to make a successful career for himself at age 29 and hopes to make his family proud. He’s already part of a band and they’ve been behind him every step of the way. Read on for the facts on Fradiani and see why American loves him.

1. His Girlfriend Ariana Gavrilis, AKA “Yanni G” Tried Out for American Idol Too

When Nick Fradiani went to the American Idol auditions this season, his girlfriend at the time, Ariana Gavrilis, went with him, according to FOX CT. Unfortunately for Gavrilis, aka “Yanni G”, she didn’t make it. Recently, we haven’t seen any photos of the two of them posted on each other’s Instagram accounts, so the current status of their relationship is unknown. We also didn’t see Yanni G at the finale, so …

2. Beach Avenue Is His Band

Fradiani is the front-man of the band Beach Avenue and this isn’t his first time competing on television. Beach Avenue was formed in the Summer of 2011 with Fradiani, Nick Abraham, Ryan Zipp, and Jonah Ferrigno. The band previously appeared on America’s Got Talent, where they excelled on the show though they did not win the competition. They appeared on the show in its 9th season and were eliminated during Judgment Week. Beach Avenue has opened for many successful music groups including but not limited to Third Eye Blind, Jefferson Starship, STYX, REO Speedwagon, and Sammy Adams.

Fradiani says his band has been extremely supportive throughout his Idol journey and, of course, his success on the show only means good things for the band.

3. Fradiani’s Father Is His Musical Inspiration

The Beatles – If I Fell (Nick Fradiani Acoustic Cover ft. Nick Fradiani Jr.)2014-04-15T04:59:20.000Z

Fradiani’s father is a successful musician, having played many clubs, cruise ships, and other venues over the years. He even played in his son’s band when Fradiani gave a free concert in his hometown for American Idol. However, his career never reached the amount of success that his son’s has so far. Check out Nick Fradiani Jr. and Sr. singing together in the above video.

Fradiani Sr. opened up to Coastal Connecticut about his own music career and when it was put on hold, explaining:

I came off the road when Nick was 10 or 11. He was excelling at sports, and there I was on a cruise ship in the middle of the Panama Canal, thinking, ‘I gotta get home. I can’t miss this.’ That’s when I stopped being a full-time musician on the road and went back into teaching. It enabled me to be a more full-time dad.

Fradiani Sr. thinks his son has what it takes to make it in such a difficult business and says that his son surely has learned from the rough times he’s had in his own career over the years.

4. He Considers Fellow Contestant Jax to Be His Little Sister

Throughout the competition, Fradiani and fellow contestant Jax became very close and he’s often referred to her as his “lil sis.” When Jax was sent home at the beginning of part one of the finale, he felt horrible for her. Fradiani told Billboard:

It was tough. I guess in the position that it was right in the beginning like that was kind of tough. It kind of knocked the wind out of us I think. Jax is like my little sister and she’s going to be fine. She’s 19 and crazy talented so I’m looking forward to seeing what she does.

Jax has taken the loss pretty hard, but she’s trying to keep a brave face as she gears up to perform with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler on part two of the finale.

5. Fradiani Hopes to Have Fun While He Can

In an interview with Billboard after part one of the finale, Fradiani talked about what he’s learned from being on the show. He said he just wants to have fun while he’s still on this journey and he explained:

The tough part about the show that I have learned is slow it down and enjoy it because it is such a special thing that’s happening in our lives. I even told [Clark] afterwards that when we are all done with it, let’s just have fun tomorrow. There’s nothing we can do about it now and will never have tomorrow again, this day will never happen again so I’m just going to try and soak it all in and whatever happens tomorrow night I’m proud of him. He’s a tremendous singer and artist and everything and either of us have a shot. Even at top three, I had no idea who was going to go home. We all didn’t know.

Fradiani also made it a point to thank his fans for all their support.