Nick Fradiani Wins ‘American Idol’ 2015

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(FOX/American Idol/Instagram)

On tonight’s finale episode of American Idol, it was down to Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham, but who was the winner? Well, the winner was … Nick Fradiani.

Upon winning the competition, Fradiani said that today was the best day of his life and he was pretty much speechless. Fradiani then closed out the show performing his new single “Beautiful Life” as his family cried, cheered and hugged each other in the crowd. As Fradiani sang his single, he high-fived Keith Urban and gave him a hug. He then started to cry a little and had to stop singing for a moment because he was so overwhelmed with happiness. He walked over to his family and gave his father a huge hug and just embraced his entire family, along with his band members and Scott Borchetta, his new record producer.

Throughout the night, each of the finalists performed with some of the biggest music legends on the planet. Fradiani’s main performance was with Andy Grammar while Clark Beckham’s was with Michael McDonald. At one point, the two guys talked about people who have meant so much to them on their journey in music. Fradiani picked one of his band members, while Beckham recognized his pastor. Both of them got tickets to the finale as well as cars from Ford, as did the finalists.

So, what does the winner get as a prize? The winner gets to sign with Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records, who they’ve been working with all season. They get to perform at the CMA Music Festival and they also get to start recording their album, among many other things.




Total set up. The best vocalist did not win tonight. What a waste of a talented young man……Unfair is not even the beginning to describe what happen on this show. I wouldn’t my breath for a hit record from Nick…


Why is everyone mad at the judges? This is what happens when most voters are 13-year old girls. I stopped watching because the results were so out of whack. AI should have changed it years ago.

sincerely, a thirteen year old girl 👧

Nick, Clark, and every other contestants or person that auditioned had a chance to win America chose Nick, he is an amazing singer and that is why he won.😁

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