Riker Lynch & Allison Holker, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Week 8

Riker Lynch, 23, is one of the most talented dancers on season 20 of Dancing With The Stars, but his high scores haven’t kept him out of the bottom. The R5 musician and his DWTS pro partner Allison Holker have been in jeopardy a time or two even though their scores and performances are not those of cast-offs. Last week, Willow Shields was voted off, which was a huge shock because she was doing so well in the competition. We’re hoping that Lynch’s fans really carry their weight this week, especially since there is a double elimination scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

Last week, Lynch may have been in the jeopardy, but he got the first 10 from judge Len Goodman this season after his performance. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba wrote about the amazing routine in her Parade blog, stating:

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker started the show off with a bang, reminding us in a big way that it’s week 7 of the competition, and we are looking for great performances. They did not disappoint! Judge Len Goodman gave them a 10, his first of the season, and I was impressed with the content of their quickstep. It was nonstop (and each routine was 30 seconds longer than usual, which is a lot of time, especially for a quickstep.) The routine was light and quick, and they gave us a nice solid hold, which is difficult for them because of their height difference, and an exciting array of steps, even throwing in a hip and cool tap segment. He’s turning into quite a star.

Lynch talked about how he felt when he got “a 10 from Len” to Access Hollywood, exclaiming:

That was like … one of the coolest moments of the show so far because I was literally thinking about that all week long, I was like, ‘He hasn’t given a single 10. I want to be the first one to get this 10,’ and I worked really, really hard for it and it was just — it was such an awesome moment, and I had so much fun doing the dance that when I finished, I was like, ‘It’ll be awesome if I get [it], but at the same time I was just happy that I’ve had so much fun doing the dance.’ And I felt like I really, really nailed it, so then, when the 10 came up, it was just like an extra level of excitement and it was so, so cool.

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As far as how Lynch likes working with DWTS pro Holker, he says:

She has the most contagious energy ever and she’s always like on 100-crazy percent and her energy level is always 100 so it’s very contagious, so when I’m feeling exhausted, she always has great energy that I can kind of feed off of and that’s an amazing thing because I get exhausted from doing all these crazy dances and then she’s always got tons and tons of energy, so it makes me work harder.

Right now, Lynch is beginning rehearsals with his band R5 for their summer tour, which is called “Sometime Last Night”.

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