Twins Raymond and Robert Delgado, ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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(ABC/Extreme Weight Loss)

Raymond and Robert Delgado are twin brothers who are the focus of the 2015 premiere for Extreme Weight Loss at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. With the help of Chris Powell and his wife Heidi, these two brothers hope to shed their weight as well as pain from their past. Read on for the facts on Raymond and Robert.

1. The Two Are Inseparable

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Posted by Extreme Weight Loss on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Robert and Raymond do everything together, so it only makes sense that they would go on Extreme Weight Loss together, right? These two live together, have the same job and depend on each other in life. Raymond told the Joplin Globe:

Not everyone is perfect, and things don’t always go as planned. It was important for us to express that family is so important to us. People have done things they shouldn’t have done, but family sticks together and really protects each other.

2. Being Raised Without Parents Made Them Grow Up Fast

According to ABC, Robert and Raymond’s mother was sent to prison when they were in 5th grade and their father was never really in the picture. When the two of them were 12 years old, they decided to take care of their younger siblings and took on father-figure roles in the household. Because of all the help and care they provide for their siblings, they remain close and even live close to them. Their sisters even send them “Happy Father’s Day” messages.

3. Their Sisters Convinced Them to Go On Extreme Weight Loss

These two brothers have always been super-fans of the show, but it was really their sisters who pushed them to write a letter to Chris Powell to see if he’d take them on. Robert first started to watch the show and dreamed of one day being able to be on it. He then got his brother Raymond into the show. Raymond told the Joplin Globe:

He introduced me to the show, then I had to go back and watch all the episodes, to see what the show was all about. I take my hat off to my brother. I was in my own head at the beginning of this, and didn’t feel like I needed to lose any weight. He convinced me that it was the smart thing to do for our health.

4. A Confrontation With Their Estranged Father Goes Down On the Show

Often on Extreme Weight Loss, we see people face their pasts in order to move forward and shed the pounds. On this episode, Powell has the brothers meet with their father in what is described as an “intense confrontation.”

5. Several Pro Basketball Players Appear On the Show to Help Raymond and Robert

In order to help the two brothers with their transformations, Chris Powell enlists the help of some pro basketball players. Powell aims to help the brothers reclaim the youth they gave up in order to be their for their siblings. In turn, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, James Worthy and Byron Scott all show up to play a little basketball with Robert and Raymond. As big fans of the L.A. Lakers, Robert and Raymond are thrilled to say the least.

Robert and Raymond each used to play basketball in high school, but with weights of 381 and 378 pounds, it can be difficult to play.