Ry’s Ruffery on ‘Beyond the Tank’: Interview With Ryan Kelly

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Ry’s Ruffery will be on the May 8th episode of Beyond the Tank. Under their original name Ryan’s Barkery, young entrepreneur Ryan Kelly and his mother, Daniela, entered the Shark Tank in Season 4. At just 11 years old, he struck a deal with Barbara, for $25,000 for 25 percent of the business.

We interviewed Kelly in anticipation of his appearance tonight.

The company enjoyed a great deal of growth after appearing on the reality show. “Our company has gone from $800.00 in sales to $350,000 in the few months following airing,” Kelly explained. “We have grown from baking at home, to renting space in a commercial bakery to working with a co-packer.”

The dog treats, which come in three flavors, Cheddar, Pumpkin-Apple and Peanut Butter, are all natural, grain free and made in the US. Peanut Butter is their bestseller.

Since their Tank appearance they have debuted in small retail chains, including all Wegman’s locations. They were also on a Shark Tank end cap in 1,000 Target stores. Barbara has been a part of their success, and Kelly said, “Barbara has as much involvement as we need or want from her. She is not involved with the day to day operation of the business, but is always available and willing to help with advice, new business, and encouragement.” He has undoubtedly learned from the shark, and said:

We have learned so much about packaging and marketing, and especially about having a good work ethic. We have learned that although we don’t have business backgrounds, we can do this!

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As far as advice for other young business people like himself, Kelly offered this:

I would tell any kid that wants to start their own business to never let anyone tell them what they can’t do. Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we aren’t capable and smart. We just see things differently, and that’s not always bad.

The future is bright for Kelly. When asked about his plans, he said, “I would love to expand into a toy line, possibly even cat treats, but for now I’m going to work on a new flavor and focus on what’s working.”

Buy Ry’s Ruffery dog treats here.

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