Squatty Potty Revisited on ‘Shark Tank’

Squatty Potty first entered the Shark Tank on November 14, 2014 and made a deal with Lori. Back then, Heavy interviewed founder Robert Edwards about his company that is “changing they way America poops.”

We caught up with him for the third time to see how his company is growing in anticipation of his Tank revisit on May 8th.

He told us about…

Their Staggering Growth:

After our initial airing we sold over 1,000,000 in Squatty Pottys in 24 short hours. Since airing in November we’ve sold over $4,000,000.

We out grew our last space very quickly and needed to grow. We took on third party partners to handle shipping and manufacturing. Were have quadrupled our capacity. Our office consist now of marketing, customer service and retail support. We have 12 full time employees.

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When They Look to Lori for Advice

Sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. It depends on what is needed. She is ALWAYS available.

Their Experience With Bed Bath & Beyond

We LOVE our partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond. They have given us excellent placement and also space in their coveted mailers. They believe in Squatty Potty concept and it is doing very well in their stores.

The Future of the Company

The Squatty Slim, a contemporary and modern design. We also have a simple inexpensive and awesome bidet. It is selling very well. We are also developing a Squatty Potty for the medical and hospital market.

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