‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ 2015 Contestants & Spoilers


On tonight's Survivor, contestant Tyler was sent home. The title of the episode is "Holding On For Dear Life" and the official synopsis reads: A reward presents castaways with a chance to deliver supplies to an orphanage; a crazy tribal council leaves people scrambling. Now let's get started on how everything went down tonight ... On tonight's show, it was Rodney's birthday and he really took that to heart, especially when it came to the Reward Challenge. The results of the challenge were that Carolyn, Sierra and Mike won. Rodney felt that one of them should give up their spot to him because it was his birthday and he had never won a Reward Challenge. When none of the others would give up their spot, he became angry and really took it personally. As for the Immunity Challenge, the winner of the competition was "Mama C", meaning Carolyn. When it comes to voting someone out, Carolyn worries that Tyler might reveal she has an idol, but also knows that Dan could be a threat. Some of the others feel the same. But, after everyone casts their votes, Mike decides that he is going to play his hidden immunity idol. It's a good thing because there were four votes with his name on them.The other two votes were for Tyler. So, it was Tyler who was sent home.

Now click through our gallery of the best still shots from tonight's episode to get involved in all the action. (CBS)