Are Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Still Together? – ‘Southern Charm’

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Thomas Ravenel, 51, and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, 22, from the TV show Southern Charm are no longer dating. On tonight’s season finale, we see what may be their last fight together on the show. In March 2015, Ravenel spoke with Daily Mail and revealed that he had indeed broken up with the mother of his child, Calhoun. There was also a photo of him kissing another woman on his Instagram that he said was taken after the break up.

Throughout the show, we’ve seen Ravenel battle with the age difference between himself and Calhoun, which he says was a big factor in their break up. Ravenel has had a tendency for flirting with other women and even ignored Calhoun throughout his campaign to run for senate. It was clear that the couple’s fate was not going to be wedded bliss, though Calhoun had hoped for a ring at one point. Ravenel opened up to Daily Mail stating that:

Kathryn and I have been on and off for quite a while, but now we are off. I still love her to bits, but we are no longer together. We share a child we both adore and still get along. Our focus is bringing up Kensington. In the end I think the age gap was just too much. Twenty nine years is a big gap and in ten years time I will be in my sixties but Kathryn would just be out of her twenties. That is a big difference to bridge and it was just not possible. Who knows, one day we might get back together.

So, for all you Ravenel/Calhoun shippers, things don’t look good for the broken up couple. In April 2015, Calhoun spoke with People Magazine about some of the obstacles she and Ravenel had in their relationship, explaining:

Thomas is 51. It comes with a lot of preconceived notions both on Thomas’s behalf and just people in general around Charleston. Immediately it doesn’t seem like a natural thing or something that is ordinary to see in society, I suppose … There is not a lot of support there [in their circle of friends] for us to be together … including his friends – just because they want control over him – and they don’t know me well enough or they’ve never gotten to know me.

Despite their issues, Calhoun opened up a little about some of the positive aspects from the couple’s relationship. She confirmed they are living in separate homes right now, but did state that:

We have our own home bases. And I think that’s good for us. We need our separation just while we’re trying to figure things out … Right now both of us have a lot of moving things in our lives. We do the best we can. It’s not easy with all the circumstances, but we’re just doing the best we can day to day … He has actually really showed a lot more effort in the last few months. He has just learned a lot of life lessons with Kensie, and I feel that that has really created a special bond with the two of them. He is starting to really understand it now. So he is making more effort, he is trying to do things, he is very proud of himself and I’m proud of him too.

So, maybe their relationship status will change next season. Let’s cross our fingers.

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It should be over. It is doomed. They have nothing in common but a child. It will never last.


Katherine walks out on Thomas in a fit of anger, spends the night away from her baby, & seems to prefer partying & getting stinking drunk than being a mother. Wouldn’t be surprised when this escalates into a huge custody battle, Ms. Dennis blurts out that TR is not the baby’s father!


Yes!! Whitney **does** want Thomas all to himself!!!!!!!


That’s what I think too! Whitney is a asshole.


Whitney does come across as a homosexual, but with Thomas so obviously being a heterosexual I think Whitney knows that’s a no go. And I think Whitney thinks he can still get much younger. Whitney knows Kathryn is easy and he doesn’t want his long time friend to marry someone who puts out at the drop of a hat. Besides, Whitney knows he’s (looks OLDER than Thomas) he’s too old Thomas. I don’t believe he’s 48. On the Bravo site everyone age is listed EXCEPT his. He looks much older than Thomas, so he either doesn’t take care of himself or he is just much older than Thomas. I am, however, thankful that Kathryn is out of the picture to a larger degree. What 20 year OLD girl would consider a 50 year OLD man? Especially if she’s going through the ranks of his friends (and probably others) and hooking up with each guy. That smacks of “DUH”, she’s kinda desperate for whatever they have. Very immature.

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