Tipsy Elves’ Ugly Christmas Sweaters on ‘Beyond the Tank’

Ugly Christmas Sweater – Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater by Tipsy ElvesAway in a manger and swaddling clothes were so last millennium. Today's modern Jesus shows up for his birthday togged out in a birthday boy tunic, with a cross necklace, a party hat and a red balloon to indicate the festive nature of the holiday. This Christmas sweater is bright green and features the Lord…2014-10-28T18:28:28.000Z

Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton of Tipsy Elves, a company that started by making ugly Christmas sweaters, appeared on Season 5 of Shark Tank. The apparel company debuted on the first episode of Beyond the Tank, a new show that revisits the companies that once entered the Tank. In June of 2014, Robert Herjavec, who gave them a deal, told CNBC that the company has proven to be his most successful investment on the reality show.

Robert Herjavec gave them $100,000 for 10 percent of the company. Since they aired on the show, they have expanded and are now selling jumpsuits, college sweaters and t-shirts as well. USA Today published an exclusive Beyond the Tank video where we see the founders presenting their new products to Robert during this annual review of the company. Although he likes the Canada and USA sweater lines, he disapproves of Knit Knack, lightweight sweaters that sell at a smaller price point. “I hate it…I absolutely hate it,” he says in the clip.

Buy Tipsy Elves products here.

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Watch the clip above, of when the entrepreneurs first entered the Tank. interviewed Mendelsohn about the start of his company and his partnership with Morton.
He explained:

We attended the same college together and found it impossible to find ugly Christmas sweaters for parties we attended. We ended up having to buy vintage women’s sweaters from the thrift store. Seeing a need for ugly Christmas sweaters, I used my background in internet marketing to confirm there was also an online demand for Christmas sweaters and that’s when Tipsy Elves was started.

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