Amy Majors, ‘Deadliest Catch’: First Female Deckhand on The Wizard

deadliest catch woman, deadliest catch new girl


Twenty-eight-year old Amy Majors joins the Wizard this season on Deadliest Catch. In its 70-year history, that crab fishing boat has never had a woman on deck, so we’ll have to tune in to see what goes on at sea.

The Alaskan native, who grew up in a family of fishermen, was actually approached by Captain Keith Colburn, who saw her work in Pacific Fishing Magazine. “Keith just randomly walked up, and he said, ‘I read all your articles in the magazine, and let’s see how tough you really are on the Bering Sea in the dead of winter,'” she told People.

deadliest catch


Majors faces a challenge being the only woman on board. “[It was] very intimidating being the only woman on the ship … just trying to prove myself to everyone that I could do it and that women could do that on the Bering Sea,” she she added.

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