Tiffany & Cain Myers – ‘Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Wait’

Tiffany & Cain - 'Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can't Wait'

Tiffany & Cain Myers of New Orleans, are on Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can't Wait because they've each gained a lot of weight together throughout their relationship. Cain hopes to muster the courage to propose to Tiffany. Both of them were actually former athletes in school and met after college. Cain's weight grew to over 350 lbs. and Tiffany's weight to over 250 lbs. Tiffany was the one to take the initiative and write a letter into Heidi and Chris Powell for help. Now, Tiffany and Cain have formed "The Myers Movement" in order to help others through personal coaching and public speaking. For our 5 Fast Facts on Tiffany and Cain, click here. And, for more information on Tiffany and Cain, click through our gallery of their best Facebook photos.