Charles DiLaurentis Is Allison’s Brother on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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Charles DiLaurentis is Allison’s brother on Pretty Little Liars. Allison’s dad tells her that Charles DiLaurentis was a troubled child, so they got him professional help at Radley Sanitarium and then moved to town to be closer to him. They decided they would tell Allison and her brother Jason when they were older, but they didn’t. He said that when Charles was 16 years old he killed himself, overdosing on pills. Allison’s father was out of the country, so her mother had him cremated. Later on, Allison’s dad reveals why he and her mother put Charles away in Radley. He said that when she was a baby, Charles had put her in a scalding hot bath tub and was trying to watch her drown.

The Liars don’t believe that he’s dead because they think there’s more to the story, so they start digging. In the meantime, Spencer is dealing with her pill addiction.

The Liars get Charles’ file from Radley and Allison finds out that her Aunt Carol visited him many times. After speaking with her brother Jason, they realize that Charles probably was living at their aunt’s house and that he didn’t die. But, Jason and the girls find a tombstone of Charles’ in the backyard of their aunt’s house. Hannah thinks the grave is fake, but Jason insists the headstone is real. There’s still no body though …

In the meantime, when Aria is in the photography studio, she gets a message from “A” that says, “You’re my doll, bitch.” She then realizes that the door is locked and she can’t get out. Caleb is suffocating Hannah and she decides that they need to take some time apart.

So, who is “A”? The girls believe that A has to be someone that Charles knew at Radley.

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