Charlie Frattini on ‘Naked And Afraid’ 2015

Charlie Frattini

Charlie Frattini joins Dani Beau as a survivalist on Naked And Afraid to battle the wilderness. Frattini is a married man from New York who works as a construction professional, television personality, and is also former U.S. Marine. His Discovery bio reads: Originally from Brooklyn, Charlie currently lives with his wife and youngest son on a 3-1/2 acre plot of land in Westchester County, New York surrounded by over 900 acres of "forever wild" forests. A "prepper" at heart, Charlie has raised his sons to know how to survive just in case a society-altering incident should occur. Trained in basic and advanced Jungle Survival while in the US Marines, Charlie achieved the status of Jungle Expert. His jungle training took place in both the Philippines and Panama and Charlie has taken the time to pass some of his skills on to his sons. But Charlie's story is deeper than his current abilities. To learn more about Frattini, click through our gallery of his best Facebook photos.