Dani Beau on ‘Naked And Afraid’ 2015

Dani Beau

Dani Beau is half of the team of survivalists on tonight's episode of Naked And Afraid. Beau and her survivalist partner Charlie Frattini take on 21 days in the wilderness without food, water, or clothing. Discovery lists Beau's skills as: building shelter, cordage, weaving, wilderness medicine, water purification, plant identification, tracking, navigation, environment adaptation, and minimalist living. Perhaps some of these talents will help her make it through. Beau is a student from New Jersey who acquired a love for the wilderness from her father. Beau is strictly against animal abuse and has been a vegetarian since she was 4 years old, so killed wildlife to survive may not be in the cards for her. Check out all the best Facebook photos of Beau by clicking through our gallery.