Family Eliminated, ‘Me Pongo de Pie’: June 21, 2015

Me Pongo de Pie


In tonight’s show, Galilea Montijo announced that Mexican actress, Dana Garcia, joins Me Pongo de Pie as a co-host. She will be reporting everything that happens behind the scenes on the show that airs on Univisión.

The popular singer Belinda opened the show singing “Contigo en la Distancia” and later sat next to Christian Castro to take her spot as one of the judges of the night. Also, La Adictiva band showed up to perform and as judges.

Now, the pressure is on for the families and coaches. Here we have what happened on tonight’s show:


The first round started with everyone singing regional mexican music.

Nartoomid Barraza, 13 years old (Ha-Ash)
Audience: 205

Ariadna Monsiváis, 17 years old (Maria Leon)
“Hablame de ti”
Audience: 132

Alejandro Cervantes, 40 years old (Paty Cantu)
“Mi razon de ser”
Audience: 129

Angel Garcia, 9 years old (Rio Roma)
“Mi mayor anhelo”
Audience: 171

Franco Jr. Moro, 16 years old (Noel Schajris)
“Te presumo”
Audience: 105

The Singing Train

Male competitors: Franco Moro, Ángel García, and Franco Moro sang “Te Presumo” by La Adictiva.

La Adictiva stood up for Franco Moro. (Noel Schajris)

Female competitors: Ariadna Monsivais and Suki Barraza sang “Bella Traicion” by Belinda.

Belinda didn’t stand up because the ladies didn’t learn the lyrics and felt ofended. Therefore, she didn’t give either one the 25 points.

Pelea de Belinda y Ha*Ash2015-06-07T09:54:25.000Z


On the second round everyone sang ballads.

Carlos Monsivais, 46 years old (Maria Leon)
“Me cai de la nube”
Judges, Belinda, and La Adictiva stood up.
Total: 250

Max Cervantes, 8 years old (Paty Cantu)
“Si no te hubieras ido”
Judges, Belinda, and La Adictiva stood up.
Total: 250

Max confessed that he has feelings for the coach on the other team, Maria Leon, and that he sees her beautiful coach, Paty Cantu, as a mother.

Max Cervantes – Si No Te Hubieras Ido Y Hombre LibreMax Cervantes En El Programa Me Pongo De Pie De Televisa Y Tupele Degollado By HuEtZiN2015-06-09T15:39:16.000Z

Suki Barraza, 42 years old (Ha-Ash)
“Ya te esperaba”
La Adictiva and Belinda stood up.
Ana Torroja was the only one who didn’t stand up for Suki.

Jose Luis Garcia, 41 years old (Rio Roma)
Judges, Belinda and La Adictiva stood up.

Franco Moro, 42 years old (Noel Schajris)
Judges, Belinda and La Adictiva stood up.

Christian Castro said that he’s starting to see Franco Moro with admiration because of his voice and interpretation.


Max Cervantes felt the pressure of the competition. He almost decided not to sing in the final round but at the end decided to compete against the other families in the last round.

Franco Moro sang “Nadie”

Carlos Monsivais sang “Muchas gracias”

Max Cervantes sang “Hombre Libre”

Judges saved the Moro Family (Noel Schajris)

La Adictiva saved the Cervantes Family (Paty Cantú)

Family eliminated: The Monsivais Family was eliminated along with their coach, María León.

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