FunBites’ Sales Soar Since ‘Shark Tank’

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FunBites entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 debuting their curved cutters that divide food up into fun shapes to make it enjoyable for kids to eat.

Back then, Heavy interviewed Bobbie Rhoads, FunBites’ Founder and CEO and caught up with her today to see how her company is faring after being on the reality show. She struck a deal with Lori and the episode is rerunning tonight.

She told us that only three days after airing on the Tank, they had over $150,000 in sales. At the end of this year, she expects to close with four times last year’s profits.

Before Shark Tank, FunBites were only sold on Amazon and at Buy Buy Baby. Now, they can be found in 300 boutiques and places like Nordstrom, Walmart and Target. Next week, they will also be sold at Toys “R” Us and Kohl’s.

Interested in FunBites? Buy them here.

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