Gilmore Girls Reunion at ATX Festival 2015: The Photos You Need to See

'Gilmore Girls' Reunion

Tonight, all our favorite cast members from Gilmore Girls appeared at the 2015 ATX Festival for a long-awaited reunion. The only favorites absent from the reunion were Melissa McCarthy and the late Edward Hermann, who died just months ago. In tribute to the one the cast referred to as their "Mr. President", a chair was left empty, in memory of Hermann. Hermann was spoken about briefly and the show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said that he was actually the first cast member to sign on for the reunion. She said he was very excited for the event. A few questions that were answered were that Luke and Lorelai are probably still together, as are Doyle and Paris. In addition, Palladino said that there is definitely a possibility for a Gilmore Girls movie, but that it would have to be done correctly in order for it to happen. Palladino stated: There’s nothing in-the-works at the moment. Here’s the good thing: Nobody here hates each other. It would have to be the right everything — the right format, the right timing. It would have to be honored in a certain way. If it ever came around, I think we would all jump in and do it. If it ever happened. I promise we’ll do it correctly. Now that you're caught up on the cast of the Gilmore Girls, click through our gallery of the best Twit pics from the reunion.