Hoppy Paws’ Sales Soar After ‘Shark Tank’

Hoppy Paws, stamping kits that help parents create reindeer and bunny footprints for their kids for the holidays, enter the Shark Tank on December 12, 2014.
Heavy reconnected with owner Trina Barkouras to see how their company is faring since the show. Here is what she told us about…

How They’ve Grown

paw prints shark tank

Before we aired on Shark Tank we had no sales. The response to our product that night was overwhelmingly positive. Since December we have moved from my one care garage into a full manufacturing and assembly facility. We still make all of our products here in the US. We have grown 100 fold. We are going to be on the shelves of major retailers nationwide such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target and many more

Barbara’s Involvement

barbara shark tank


Barbara is amazing. She has a whole team dedicated to assisting her entrepreneurs and provides essential feedback and guidance. I run my company including all the day to day business requirements. I don’t think she would have invested if I needed my hand held. She is there when I need her but that being said I don’t require that much assistance.

Buy Hoppy Paws here.

New Products

hoppy paws, shark tank kids

We are currently developing a line of Children’s books and stuffed animals that depict how the various characters got their magical prints and how they were left behind for the child. Also in the works are games, yard signs and some other items I am not at liberty to disclose yet. Definitely keep your eye out for Hoppy Paws this Christmas and Easter 2016!

Her ‘Tank’ Experience

hoppy paws shark tank, barbara shark tank

It is extremely nerve-wracking…People are all talking over each other and the tension is high. I stayed confident and showed my fighting spirit.

Buy Hoppy Paws here.

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