Mary Kate McEacharn, John Luke’s Fiancee on ‘Duck Dynasty’

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Having fun being engaged to JLR❤️

A post shared by Mary Kate Robertson (@marykaterob) on Dec 17, 2014 at 6:56pm PST

Mary Kate McEacharn is the newest member of the Duck Dynasty clan. The 18-year-old Monroe native is engaged to John Luke Robertson, 19. The couple met at a Christian summer camp in 2011 and rekindled their friendship in chemistry class at Ouachita Christian School. They started dating in March of 2014 and were engaged by October of that year.

Robertson was McEacharn’s first boyfriend. She told Fox, “I never had a boyfriend before and I had just been waiting and thought God would send someone to me. I was just very particular whenever it came to who I would date and I had to get to know him first and see if he was up to my standards.”

The bride-to-be started a blog, the little duck wife, where she recently posted about a beach vacation she took with the Robertsons. On her bio page, she reveals that after they wed, the couple will relocate to Lynchburg, Virginia to attend Liberty University.

The teen is religious and grateful to God for putting her fiance in her life. “I had always prayed God would bring a Christian boy into my life,” she told Us. “When John Luke came into the picture, I figured God had placed him there. He’s an awesome man of God. He’s really funny, you never know what’s going to happen with him. He’s full of surprises. Plus, he’s pretty cute.”

Robertson also credits God for bringing them together and told Us:

She never gave me the time of day until I started talking about Jesus. That was the only thing we could ever talk about. And I knew then that she was a good one, because she would help me grow in my faith … And she was pretty good looking!