Lisa Nicole Cloud – ‘Married To Medicine’

Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa Nicole Cloud is a star on the reality show Married to Medicine and her current nemesis on the show is Quad Webb-Lunceford. After Cloud does a background check on Lunceford for business, Lunceford takes offense and does the same to her. Throughout the show, Cloud and her husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, have spoken about getting over Naugles' infidelities in the past and last season, Cloud had a cancer scare. Cloud has an estimated net worth of $8 million and has two children with her husband - DJ and Amira. Cloud is a self-made millionaire, as the CEO of Elite Marketing Strategies, Lisa Nicole Cloud Enterprises, the Women Empowerment Network and the Lisa Nicole Collection. She has also written several books about becoming a success in life as a woman. For more information on Lisa Nicole Cloud, click through our gallery of her best Facebook and Instagram photos.