‘Married to Medicine’ Cast 2015 – Season 3

'Married To Medicine' Cast - Season 3

It's season 3 of Married to Medicine and the girls are back. The premiere episode of the season is titled "Background Check Yourself" and the plot description reads: Toya's husband, Eugene, tells her to bury the hatchet with Simone at the Halloween party; Quad learns Lisa Nicole ran a background check on her; Dr. Jackie tests out a lifestyle fitness program. Episode 2 of the season is titled "Putt Up or Shut Up" and the official synopsis reads: Cecil and Eugene are determined to save their friendship by repairing Simone and Toya's strained relationship; Quad hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on Lisa Nicole and her husband, Darren; Jackie and her trainer ambush the others. It's clear that this season is filled with just as much drama as always, if not more. Unfortunately, for Mariah fans, she isn't listed as one of this season's cast members. Mariah Huq explained her absence from the show on her Facebook page, writing: Many of you have lots of questions, about me and my bold and beautiful Blackadeshi family not being apart of the primary cast of the show this season as well as me being cut from the promo and show intro so we thought you deserve to hear the truth directly from us. First and foremost the production’s decision to ‘diminish’ my on-camera role was extremely disheartening and straight up disrespectful considering I created, produced, and truly help carry this show. I wasn’t given any ‘vanity’ titles that’s usually given to big name entities whose name alone add validity to the show. Vanity is for show, our efforts are very real. She then continued: I am very appreciative to Bravo TV. They have believed in me since day one and always made efforts to make me apart of the Bravo family. They have been supportive and have nothing to do with this mess,” explained Mariah. “It’s really shameful that a company we partnered with and trusted with OUR show is going in this direction. I’m not going to continue to remain silent and support unethical unjustified antics. As the Creator and Executive Producer I’m supposed to be involved in decisions pertaining to this production. I’m willing to share it and work hard on it but I’m not willing to give it away, relinquish my ownership or my on-camera role. None of those things are in the best interest of our Show. For all the best photos of the cast members who are part of season 3, click through our gallery.