Meghan Gill Wins ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 14

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On tonight’s finale episode of Hell’s Kitchen, it was down to Meghan Gill and Torrece “T” Gregoire, but the winner of the 2015 season is … Meghan Gill.

At the start of the episode, the two finalists were told to come up with each of their own menus for the finale. They were then flown to Las Vegas and got an inside look at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse in the Paris hotel. Afterwards, T and Meghan got the privilege of actually going to Ramsay’s house to meet his family. As if this wasn’t enough, they were then surprised with a huge crowd at the Ramsay house in order to officially kick off the finale. And, not only were the two faced with creating five fantastic dishes (one hot appetizer, one cold appetizer, one beef entree, one fish entree and one chicken entree) within an hour, they were also fooled because the house they were in wasn’t Ramsay’s at all.

Chef Anna Kelly of London House assisted in testing out each of the dishes that the finalists prepared. Additional famous chefs who helped judge included Hubert Keller, Nancy Silverton, Nancy Oakes, and Wolfgang Puck. The scores were very close, but the winner of this challenge was T by just one point.

To assist the finalists in the kitchen, some of our favorite contestants from this past season returned. Because T won the challenge, she was allowed to pick her first teammate before Meghan. T chose Milly, Nick, Christine, and Adam; while Meghan chose Michelle, Allison, Randy, and Josh. Meghan was the blue team, while T was now the red team. Prior to going into the final challenge, Ramsay gives each of the two finalists their esteemed chef jackets, which sets a nice tone for the cooking showdown. Unfortunately, going into dinner service, T and Meghan each have issues with their teammates as they try to get back into the groove of working together. Both Meghan and T are pushing their sous chefs to put out the best food possible. Christine begins to hold up T, but T is able to push through. Then Adam delivers meat that is too rare (twice) to be served and T has to rectify the situation. Adam really was having difficulty getting it together. As for Meghan, she was criticized by Chef Ramsay for spending too much time on the line. As head chef, that’s not where she should be. Randy puts a sliced chicken back in the oven, which is a no-no and Meghan becomes very frustrated. Finally, the two kitchens got back on track and finished service on a high note.

The finalists’ families were eating in the dining room for the finale, along with a few celebrities including Tiffani Thiessen, Lisa Loeb, and Robert Englund. The winner receives a prize of a head chef position in Atlantic City, New Jersey, paying a salary of $250,000 a year.

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