‘Mother Funders’ Cast

'Mother Funders' Cast

Bravo has a new reality TV show called "Mother Funders", which introduces a whole new cast of women to the network viewers. The official Bravo summary of the series states: Following a passionate Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in the small town of Locust Grove, Georgia, this group holds benefits to raise and donate money to their kids’ local elementary school. Run like a corporation, President Carla Stephens keeps a watchful eye on her fellow board members Shayzon Prince, Robin Dyke, Amber Bryant, LaShon Thompson, Amber Coulter, and former member Shana Koorse. Despite their personalities, tantrums, and outbursts, these ladies have their sights set high to raise and donate $100,000. Through lavish fundraising events from a Black Tie Gala to a Pink Pajama Party, these mothers must work together and adhere to the strict rules and high expectations of their demanding commander-in-chief. Sounds a little intense and crazy, right? ... Just what we love about the Bravo network. One organization that was not happy about the filming of "Mother Funders" was the school. Spokesman John Hardin of the Henry County school system released a statement that the school decided to shut down the PTO until filming has ended. The statement reads: We wanted to stay as far away from this as possible. We just had a very uneasy feeling about the intent and purpose of the show from the beginning. We didn’t see how this could be a benefit for the school or the students, staff, and families who are associated with it, thus why we made it clear they could not use any part of our school or the system in physical, visual, or verbal forms. There was no filming allowed on school grounds and Hardin assured the other parents that the school was not endorsing the show. In fact, Radio TV Talk reports that the school initially had requested that the school's name not be revealed.

Bravo has provided a more in-depth description of the show writing that: "Mother Funders" is a comedic docu-series which takes a look inside the triumphs and trials of one very special Parent Teacher Organization board in Locust Grove, Georgia, led by super mom and president, Carla. With Carla’s goal to raise as much money as she can for the town’s elementary school, it’s a strict regimen of reading, writing, and arithmetic to raise the most funds for the local elementary school. The only way of reaching her goal is to keep the momentum going and get her fellow board members to plan, execute, and implement extravagant fundraising events which will rake in the cash – but ruffle some feathers along the way. The show airs its series premiere on June 14, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT and the plot description for the premiere episode, titled "Parent Teacher (Dis)Organization", reads: At the first meeting, president Carla Stephens announces her expectation that the Parent-Teacher Organization will raise $100,000 for the Locust Grove, Georgia, elementary school; the new PTO members begin to suspect they're in over their heads. To find out all the best information on the new cast of women, click through our gallery for their best photos and background info. (Bravo)

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