Nick Viall, ‘The Bachelorette’ 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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You may remember Nick Viall as the runner-up contestant from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. Many know him because of his big reveal on the 2014 “After the Final Rose Special,” letting all of America know that he and Andi had sex on their fantasy suite date. Hopefully, he doesn’t have the same kind of “big reveal” planned for this season with star Kaitlyn Bristowe. For all the biggest spoilers of the season in addition to the best info on Nick Viall, check out our 5 Fast Facts on Nick below.

1. Kaitlyn And Nick Were Texting Long Before the Show Started

According to Reality Steve, Kaitlyn and Nick had a flirtacious relationship before Nick came aboard The Bachelorette 2015. While Kaitlyn admits to the guys that she had contact with Nick before the show, Reality Steve insists that there’s a lot more that “a little contact”, explaining:

Kaitlyn and Nick talked ALL THE TIME while Chris’ season was airing. He made it known he was into her, and she was well aware he was into her. Their relationship was much more than a few texts and emails. These two were Facetiming a lot in the weeks leading up to her leaving for The Bachelorette.

The Inquistr reports that not only did Kaitlyn and Nick have a digital relationship, but they also had met up in person prior to filming, stating:

Nick traveled to L.A. in February when Kaitlyn was preparing to film the Bachelorette, and there is speculation that he convinced the show’s producers to let him spend time alone with Kaitlyn before filming got underway.

2. Nick Ends Up Having Sex With Kaitlyn On the Show

On the promo of the 2015 season, we see Kaitlyn admitting to the contestants that she had sex with one of the guys. We also see one of the guys running across the lawn naked after what seems to be a romp in the sack with Kaitlyn. However, his face is blurred out, leaving his identity to be a mystery. According to Bachelorette guru Reality Steve, Nick Viall is the contestant that Kaitlyn sleeps with. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kaitlyn opened up about her having sex with a contestant, explaining:

I don’t think that’s a crazy thing to sleep with somebody when you’re trying to be in a relationship with them. I’m a 30-year-old woman and I make my own decisions and intimacy to me is a part of every relationship and I don’t know why everyone is so shocked by it. It’s 2015. I’m an in-the-moment kind of person,” she continued. “I tried to compartmentalize each relationship and be present with each guy, and some went faster than others and some went slower than others.

She also added:

I’m not ashamed of it — I just regret the timing. But I’m also not afraid to talk about it. I don’t really have a problem talking about that kind of thing. I think when you’re looking for a lifetime partnership, intimacy is obviously a part of that. I think maybe I’m just the first Bachelor or Bachelorette to talk about that on TV.

3. He Makes It to the Final Two

According to Reality Steve, Nick Viall and Shawn Booth make it to the final two on the 2015 season. However, he does not win. Reality Steve and Perez Hilton both confirm that Shawn Booth is the winner. In fact, Kaitlyn Bristowe accidentally released a video of herself in bed with Booth via Snapchat. Whoops.

4. Nick Joins The Bachelorette On Episode 4

When Kaitlyn Bristowe takes the contestants to New York City and goes on a rap battle group date, Nick Viall joins the show, much to the display of the other cast members. The guys express their upset to Kaitlyn, which usually means that the star of the show rejects the former contestant trying to make a return. However, Kaitlyn and Nick end up making out and Nick charms his way back on the show, this time for the love of Kaitlyn.

Upon meeting up with Nick, Kaitlyn and him share in a makeout session that would make anyone jealous.

5. His Being On the Show Was Not a Surprise

Bachelorette insider Reality Steve reports that Nick’s being on the show was completely planned, explaining that:

Nick had already told work before Kaitlyn’s season started filming he was going to be gone, he was just waiting for the call from producers on when he was gonna show up. So I’m sure this episode will make it seem like, on a whim, Nick just decided to fly NY (wait, how would he know where they were?) and ask to be on the show. All bullshit. This was planned in advance by producers and Nick that he was going to be on the season, it was just a matter of when he was going to appear. Kaitlyn couldn’t possibly have been that surprised when she saw him in NY.

In turn, Kaitlyn Bristowe had to have known that Nick Viall would be coming on the show.