Nick Viall Joins ‘The Bachelorette’ As a Contestant

Nick Viall

You may remember Nick Viall as the former Bachelorette runner-up contestant who outed Andi Dorfman, revealing to the nation that he had sex with her in the fantasy suite of their overnight date. Now you can remember him as the guy who came aboard the 2015 season of The Bachelorette for a second chance at love with new star Kaitlyn Bristowe. Generally, when former contestants try to return to the show, they are rejected by the new stars, but this is not the case this season. Kaitlyn and Nick had a friendly relationship outside the show and had been chit-chatting before he decided to make the bold move to return. Nick causes a stir on episode 4 when he attempts to join the show and it ends up being a victory for him, with a makeout session to boot. So, how well did Nick and Kaitlyn really know each other? Bachelorette guru Reality Steve reported: [Kaitlyn] told the guys on the group date he was someone that had contacted her before, but she kinda withheld the truth on that one. Kaitlyn and Nick talked ALL THE TIME while Chris’ season was airing. He made it known he was into her, and she was well aware he was into her. Their relationship was much more than a few texts and emails. These two were Face-timing a lot in the weeks leading up to her leaving for "The Bachelorette".

So, how far does Nick Viall actually get in the competition? According to Reality Steve, he actually makes it to the Final TWO! For the winner spoilers on this season, click here. And, ABC has revealed that Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe gets caught having sex with a contestant and she ends up having to tell the other guys about it. But, who is the contestant that she slept with? Reality Steve has reported that Nick Viall has officially gotten into two Bachelorette's pants - Andi Dorfman AND Kaitlyn Bristowe. For more information on Nick Viall, click through our gallery of his best Facebook photos.