Nicole Scherzinger Wins ‘I Can Do That’

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After six weeks of competition on the reality show I Can Do That, Ciara, Alan Ritchson, Jeff Dye, Joe Jonas, Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Burke were ready for the finale. The show is about teaching celebrities to do stunts and activities that may be outside their comfort zones. So, who was the winner? … Nicole Scherzinger.

Kicking off the show, Nicole and Cheryl trained with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, even learning stunts and killed it on stage in a sexy performance. Next up was Jeff and Joe, who had to rap with the help of Snoop Dogg. Joe’s voice was amazing, while Jeff’s rap skills needed a little work. Then Ciara and Alan gave us a little Baywatch action. In an interesting performance, the two managed to pull off their task.

Moving on in the competition, the contestants formed two super groups. The first group was Ciara, Cheryl and Jeff doing a big dance routine, combining double dutch moves, shadowing, salsa, and Harlem Globe Trotter moves. The second super group was Joe, Nicole and Alan, who had to also combine everything they’ve learned in the competition, from acrobatics to Blue Man Group moves and martial arts.

So, now let’s get to the results … The team in third place tonight was Alan and Ciara. In first place tonight was Cheryl and Nicole. Cheryl was in the lead with 16 points, while Nicole was in the lead with 14 points prior to the final scores being given out. Ultimately, with the super group scores factored in, Nicole was the winner.

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