Does Shawn Booth Have Sex With Kaitlyn Bristowe on ‘The Bachelorette’?

So, it’s been confirmed by Perez Hilton as well as Bachelorette blogger Reality Steve that Kaitlyn Bristowe has sex with contestant Nick Viall on the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette. However, did Kaitlyn have sex with someone else as well? Upon hearing the news that Kaitlyn had sex with Nick, many of the guys are shocked and upset, though it’s not confirmed on which episode the guys are told the news. In particular, Shawn Booth is pretty much heartbroken when he finds out. He even confronts Kaitlyn. According to Radar Online, Kaitlyn not only has sex with Nick Viall before the fantasy suite dates, she is also said to have had sex with another contestant as well … early on in the show. Judging by Shawn Booth’s reaction to Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick and the general attraction he and Kaitlyn have had for each other since day one, we’re guessing that Booth is the other guy that Kaitlyn has sex with. A source told In Touch:

She told [one guy] that she loves him and then they slept together during their one-on-one date. [The second guy] slept with her in one of the hotel rooms. It was actually fairly early on.

According to the insider, “one of the men” had become very close to Kaitlyn Bristowe, so they wanted to throw a wrench in it early for the sake of the show. In turn, they brought Nick Viall aboard. The source stated:

Producers freaked out when they saw how close Kaitlyn was growing to one of the men — it was no contest — so they brought Nick on the show [during week 4] to keep things interesting.

We’re guessing that the contestant who Kaitlyn was supposedly very close with was Shawn Booth. She gave him the first impression rose and has been smitten with him ever since. In fact, he is the reported winner this season, according to Reality Steve. Plus, Kaitlyn Bristowe recently put up a video of her and Shawn in bed together online by accident. The video was quickly deleted, but you can check it out below.

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