‘Ted 2’ Movie Review: The Not So Normal Bear Returns


Ted 2 sees the return of the largely inappropriate yet comical bear known as Ted in what can be seen as a coming of age sort of film. The entire narrative of Ted’s (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) life in the sequel revolves around him trying to prove that he is in fact a human being when he tries to adopt a baby with the lovely Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth).

What follows is a light-hearted comical movie that tends to hit the right notes with its humor at times, similar to the original Ted but a movie that has a very long-drawn atmosphere which has a tough time balancing itself in its 2 hour run-time. A lot of the time, the movie switches rather chaotically from something light-hearted to outright gross or satirical to something very serious. There is never quite the right amount of tempo of any one theme which keeps you wanting to see the next scene. Rather, it is more of a discovery or “now what” in every scene that never feels like a collective whole. Eventually despite some really funny scenes/jokes, the film ends up losing a lot of its substance of narrative and largely leaves the audience confused and without much of a unified plot as the first movie where the satirical exaggerations are minor and balanced with just the right amount of thematic run-time between sequences.

While Ted 2 is certainly very funny at points, the film as a whole leaves much more to be desired rather than walking out of the theater hall wondering really whether that was even a movie or a Family Guy-inspired Ted sequel that lives off of pure randomness and a lackluster plot buildup.

Score: 2.5/5

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