‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Spoilers: Episode 7 – 6/29/15

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, the drama continues and Kaitlyn Bristowe is still dealing with some of her more emotional contestants. The TV description of the episode reads: Shawn confronts Kaitlyn about her feelings for him; one lucky bachelor travels the Irish countryside with Kaitlyn; an unexpected visit by Chris Harrison changes Kaitlyn’s journey. For more spoilers and information on tonight’s episode, read on below.

Official Episode Synopsis

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The official synopsis of tonight’s reads:

Shawn is on a mission when he knocks on Kaitlyn’s hotel door. The emotional bachelor wants to know if Kaitlyn is really in love with him. The Bachelorette is still juggling eight other relationships, so what will she tell him? The always dramatic two-on-one date features two diametrically opposed men — Joe and JJ. Shawn continues to have a problem watching Kaitlyn being with other men. How much does he know? The Bachelorette finds she owes some men apologies in order to maintain her connections with them. After a rose ceremony that leaves six men, Kaitlyn lets one lucky bachelor travel with her as they cross the beautiful Irish countryside, culminating with them kissing the Blarney Stone together. However, an unexpected visit by Chris Harrison changes the rest of Kaitlyn’s journey to find love. One ecstatic bachelor receives the first date card in Killarney, but the Bachelorette does something totally unexpected, which is a game-changing move for both of them.

As you can see, there will be no boring episodes this season.

Ben Has Concerns About Kaitlyn

Shawn Booth isn’t the only contestant who has concerns on tonight’s episode, Ben Higgins wants to make sure that Kaitlyn is as interested in him as he is in her. He noticed a change after Nick came on board and he confronts Kaitlyn about it. He says he doesn’t want to know details, but he wants to know that he’s not just wasting his time.

The Two-On-One Date Goes Badly For One Contestant

Joe Bailey and JJ Lane are both on the first two-on-one date of the season, which usually means that at least one of them will be sent home. Tonight, JJ Lane will ultimately be eliminated, leaving southern gentleman Joe Bailey still in the competition.

As for the group date tonight, Nick, Shawn, and Joe get to visit Killarney National Park.

Chris Gets Eliminated On His Solo Date

The dentist gets to spend some quality time with Kaitlyn as the two embark on a solo date together. Chris Strandburg and Kaitlyn take a helicopter ride together and explore the Irish countryside together. Unfortunately, Chris is reported to get eliminated on his solo date, according to Reality Steve.

Jared Haibon also gets a solo date with Kaitlyn and goes on a little road trip with her.

There’s A Big Change With the Hometown Dates

Star Kaitlyn Bristowe gets down to six contestants and she has to start thinking about whose families she’d like to meet. The six remaining guys are Chris, Joe, Jared, Shawn, Nick and Ben. According to Reality Steve, Kaitlyn changes things up this season and doesn’t go on four hometown dates. The contestants reportedly go from six to three and the remaining three guys are Ben, Nick and Shawn.

Shawn Booth Gets Extremely Emotional

On last week’s episode, we saw Shawn Booth talking with a member of production about how he really had something special with Kaitlyn and how he’d spent the whole night with her in her hotel room earlier in the season. He’s irate about Nick Viall joining the show and is also uncertain about Kaitlyn’s feelings for him. Tonight, Shawn confronts Kaitlyn and wants to get to the bottom of things.