‘The Last Ship’ TNT Cast – Season 2

'The Last Ship'

The Last Ship returns for season 2 with some of our favorite players in the cast, in addition to some new recurring ones. Last season, Amy Granderson, vice-chair of the US President's Defense Police Board, has become the new villain. Granderson is vaccinating select people with the deadly disease that has taken over the world and she's been killing everyone else with a toxic dose, claiming that it's the vaccine. She's using their burnt bodies to power the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Maryland State Troopers have captured Nathan James' crew, killing a couple of the crew members and Quincy has suffered a life-threatening injury. For season 2, the crew is determined to fight back and defeat Granderson as well as her master plan to kill off those she deems as week or "unnecessary". Dr. Hamada also becomes a dangerous character to watch on the show. Chandler struggles with having to leaving his family so that he can help in the efforts to take down Granderson. For more information on the cast, click through our gallery to see some of your favorite actors appearing on The Last Ship. (Getty)

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