‘Basketball Wives: LA’ 2015 Cast

'Basketball Wives: LA' Cast 2015

It's season 4 of Basketball Wives: LA and there's a whole new bunch of drama set for 2015 with these ladies. The premiere airs on VH1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT and we've got all the details on the season 4 cast members. If you'd like to know what happens on the premiere episode, the synopsis reads: Jackie tries to work her way back into the group's good graces after causing trouble in Paris; Malaysia and Brandi require stipulations to speak to Jackie. For episode two of the season, the plot description states: Jackie shoots her first commercial for the cognac, and finds herself overwhelmed by directing; Draya pushes Malaysia to her breaking point. Now that you have a little inside look as to what's in store for the beginning of the season, check out the details on each cast member below:

Jackie Christie - Jackie Christie is the wife of retired Los Angeles player Doug Christie and is often seen as a trouble-maker on the show. She designates herself as the "boss lady" of the group.

Shaunie O'Neal - Shaunie is the ex-wife of Shaquille O'Neal and raises five kids while being a successful business woman herself. You may have previously seen her hanging with the Basketball Wives of Miami.

Draya Michele - Draya has a new clothing line called "Fine Ass Girls" and VH1 writes: This season, Draya gets called out by the other women for being self-centered, running away from problems, and distancing herself. She puts her friendships on the line when she makes an unforgivable comment about Brandi's cancer battle.

Malaysia Pargo - Malaysia is separated from husband, Charlotte player Jannero Pargo. While dealing with her rocky marriage, she is also struggling with the death of her brother. It's a tough season for Malaysia.

Brandi Maxiell - Brandi is working on her marriage this season as VH1 writes: Brandi Maxiell, wife of player Jason Maxiell, has recently put her marriage to the test by placing her husband on a "timeout". Fed up after discovering that Jason had stepped out on her, Brandi made the decision that the best thing for their marriage would be for her and Jason to live in separate states. Not wanting to give up on the relationship completely, Brandi and Jason are working hard on their bond through couples therapy.

Tami Roman - Tami is the veteran basketball wife and is known as the ex of Kenny Anderson. She has also been starring on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Tami is known for being outspoken, confident, and opinionated.

Mehgan James - Mehgan is new on the scene as a friend of Jackie Christie. Because the other ladies are at odds with Jackie, they immediately judge Mehgan. One cast member that Mehgan immediately butts heads with is Draya.

Angel Brinks - Angel is a friend of cast member Draya and she is also the ex-girlfriend of New Orleans player Tyreke Evans. She's a mother of two who is trying to balance designing her own clothing line. When Angel is introduced to the group as Draya’s "real friend", feathers get a little ruffled.

Patrice Curry - Patrice comes on the show as a friend of Malaysia's. She's the wife of former NBA player Eddy Curry and she has seven children to look after. VH1 reports that: This season, Patrice has a tough decision to make when she battles with whether or not to adopt Eddy's son, who was conceived out of his infidelity.

Now that you're up to speed on the cast, click through our gallery of some of their best Instagram photos.

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