Ben Higgins & Kaitlyn Bristowe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ben Higgins is one of the final three contestants on The Bachelorette. Read on for the facts on Higgins and his relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Plus, check out the spoilers on his elimination.

1. Higgins Gets Eliminated Before the Hometown Dates

This season, the overnight dates go down before the hometown dates. Higgins, Shawn Booth and Nick Viall are the contestants who get to have the fantasy suite dates. Unfortunately, Higgins is sent home by Bristowe and doesn’t make it to have Bristowe meet his family. According to Reality Steve, Bristowe chooses Booth and Viall.

2. He’s Reported To Be The Next Bachelor

Often, the third runner-up is chosen to be the next Bachelor star, so there’s a good chance that Higgins will end up as The Bachelor. There are already reports swirling that Higgins is the next star, but fans are also going gaga for eliminated contestant Ben Zorn.

For more information on Higgins as the new Bachelor, check out the below link:

3. Ben Higgins Wonders Why Bristowe Didn’t Tell Him That She Had Sex With Contestant Nick Viall

Next week is the “Men’s Tell All” episode of the show and Higgins gets the chance to sit down with Kaitlyn Bristowe and ask her a few questions. According to Inquistr, Higgins was very kind to Bristowe, but did ask her why she told Shawn Booth about having sex with Nick Viall, but never told him. Apparently, Bristowe gives him some sort of explanation to the effect of relationships moving at different speeds.

To be fair to Kaitlyn Bristowe, at one point on the show, Higgins was talking about how the mood had changed after Bristowe’s solo date with Viall (the one she had sex with him on), but he said he didn’t want any details. He said he just wanted to know that he wasn’t wasting his time with her.

4. Bristowe Ends Up With Contestant Shawn Booth

Spoiler Alert: Bromances heat up

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According to Bachelorette guru Reality Steve, Bristowe ends up with Shawn Booth and the two become engaged. Originally, there were reports that Bristowe ended up with no one this season and that she rejected both proposals at the end. However, it has been “spoiled” that this is not the case.

5. Higgins Is Younger Than Bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe is 30 years old and some women don’t like to date younger men. On tonight’s episode Ben Higgins reveals his age to Bristowe, telling her that he’s 26 years old. She laughs, “Oh no,” and tells him her age. He explains to her that he wanted her to know his age because it is not an issue for him and he never wants it to be a problem that he’s younger than she is.

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