Britt Nilsson & Brady Toops Break Up: Behind The Split

A photo posted by Britt Nilsson (@brittkarolina) on Jul 17, 2015 at 9:32am PDT

Britt Nilsson has broken her silence since the announcement of her split from Bachelorette contestant Brady Toops. She recently posted the above photo with this as the full caption:

Yes, it is true–@bradytoops and i are no longer together. We had a wonderful, sweet, and life-giving relationship that I appreciated, learned from, and thoroughly enjoyed. Brady is one of the most genuine, godly, encouraging, generous, kind, intelligent, and all-around amazing men on the planet. We broke up a few months ago, after about two months of dating, but still remain very close friends. I couldn’t be more blessed by who he is as a person–I will forever respect and adore him. We feel that God brought us into each other’s lives for a purpose so we continue to support one another in all we do. Thank you for being so kind and caring as our journey unfolded on tv. We love you guys, and appreciate your investment in our relationship. Just because we didn’t work out romantically doesn’t mean we don’t continue to value and love each other as brother and sister in Christ! We communicate candidly & frequently and will remain in each others lives as great friends. It was always a beautiful, honest, and valuable relationship, and continues to be. I believe that everything happens for a reason and our relationship made us both stronger! He is an incredible man of faith who gives great advice, loves God and people well, and blesses everyone around him just by being himself. I truly can’t wait to see all the great things in store for him! I will ALWAYS be #teambrady! So, thank you for your support and encouragement, continued prayers, and mostly for respecting our private decisions and the (finally) public outcome! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Two days ago, Toops posted the same photo with a similar message that reads:

I’m sad to say that @brittkarolina and I are no longer together. We have been so grateful for everyone’s love & support as this journey has unfolded. Thank you for rooting us on & thank you for your kindness. It has been felt on every side. We both immensely enjoyed getting to know each other, and I’m grateful for the beautiful moments we got to share. It was obviously such a unique and unusual experience starting in front of the Bachelor mansion and eventually airing in front of millions of people, but I honestly want to say that everything I did, said, & felt for Britt on the show was genuine & real. In getting to know her away from all the cameras, lights, & microphones, I truly got to see how special she really is.
From the first moment she stepped out of the limo on Chris Soules’ season, I was in. Britt was the whole reason I decided to do the show in the first place, and even though it didn’t work out in the end, I have no regrets. Honestly, I would have done it all over again. Britt is one of the loveliest, kindest, and most caring persons I have ever met, and she added so much to my life. In a world that can often times move too fast, Britt helped me see the beauty in every moment.. the smell of the flowers, the sight of the sunset, & the simple pleasures of life. I’m grateful to have shared this journey with her. We will always be friends. Thank you to Chris Harrison, ABC & all “The Bachelorette” producers & crew for your love & support.

In the words of one of my favorite poets Rainer Maria Rilke, “Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” And I would add.. keep writing songs, feel everything, and live with an open heart.

For the true & official inside story (except we actually dated for 2 months, not a few weeks), check out the People Magazine article that released today.

Throughout the 2015 of The Bachelorette, viewers got updates on the couple’s relationship, but when Nilsson brought Toops to meet her mother, her mom sensed a friend connection and nothing more. Nilsson and Toops tried to give their long-distance relationship a go, but things just didn’t work out and Nilsson ended up feeling the way her mother did, telling People that the connection just wasn’t there. Toops, on the other hand, said that his feelings were very really and he was sad the relationship didn’t work out. So, what’s our conclusion? Nilsson just wasn’t into Toops in “that way”, so she had to break off a romantic relationship with him. Nilsson told People:

He’s more of an introvert and I’m an extrovert. I’m just more loud and outgoing and I’m always on the go. Brady’s a little bit more meditative. We weren’t fed by the same things … Everything on paper was perfect, but we didn’t have that connection I was looking for. That was a hard conclusion.

Toops revealed:

In the last month or two, I’ve written some of the saddest breakup songs ever. Watching our story unfold on the show, remembering the beautiful parts of it, [didn’t] let that wound close … I want to see Britt happy. I want to see her find the sort of love she longs for.

So, what do you think about Nilsson’s relationship with hopeless romantic Toops? Was it doomed from the start?

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