Dr. Darren Naugles – Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Husband on ‘Married To Medicine’

Dr. Darren Naugles

Dr. Darren Naugles is the husband of Lisa Nicole Cloud from the reality show Married To Medicine. The couple has two children together and, though they share a lot of love between them, the two have had major struggles in their relationship. In the past, Darren has cheated on his wife and she has lashed out, but the two have moved past this and Lisa Nicole has forgiven her husband. Even so, it's difficult to forget her husband's wrongs. On Married To Medicine, Darren's cheating past becomes his present when Lisa Nicole is out for a girls' night at a local strip club and hears that her husband is a frequent visitor to the exotic night spot. Previously on the show, cast member Quad Webb-Lunceford accused Darren of having a child out of wedlock with one of his mistresses. Lisa Nicole later stated that Darren had taken a paternity test and it came out that he was not the father. For more information on Darren Naugles, click through our gallery of his best photos.