‘Hollywood Cycle’ Cast 2015: Cycle House Employees

'Hollywood Cycle' Cast

New TV show Hollywood Cycle airs on the E! network, starring Cycle House studio instructors Nichelle Hines, Aaron Hines and Nick Hounslow. Aaron and Nichelle are brother and sister while they refer to Nick as their "stepbrother." Cycle House caters to a ton of celebrity clients from Nicole Kidman to Khloe Kardashian to Maria Menounos and the fitness center is based in Los Angeles. There are 12 instructors working at Cycle House, though Nichelle, Nick and Aaron are the top dogs. The official synopsis for the show reads: The sexy, cutthroat series dives deep into the world of Los Angeles' famed Cycle House, and introduces viewers to their top instructors and devoted trainees who keep riders tapping it back on cue. Through six hour-long episodes, viewers will get a prized front row seat in the dark, rhythm filled studio as well as an inside look at their high drama, always complicated personal lives. One of the trainees on the show is Shannon Decker and she tells Broadway World about what she hopes to bring to the show: I'm really excited that I get to bring my 'A' game for fitness to 'Hollywood Cycle'. It's a perfect fit! The interesting part is that because there was no dedicated cycle gym in Santa Barbara, every time I was in L.A. I would always go to these classes. I kept that up after I moved here, and have been working on getting my certificate, so being on the show is sort of a reality TV extension of what I already wanted to do. I always challenged myself to keep up with the instructor, and as I improved, I kept thinking, I could do that, I could teach it. It's really an honor to be part of this because the three main instructors at Cycle House are like celebrities to the celebs. Everybody wants to get in their classes because they are so good at what they do. Sarafina Mundo is another trainee on the show and Chad Tepper is the third. Tepper has previously appeared on the reality shows "True Life" and "Young and Married" and "Ink Master".

The founders of Cycle House, Adam and Lara Gillman, opened up to Fashion N Style about how they came up with the concept for their company, stating: When we came up with the concept of Cycle House, a little over 4 years ago, we never imagined we would be the subject of a reality TV show. We set out to create a community that provided a very special fitness experience which could not be duplicated. We're very proud to say that we have more than achieved that mission. We are extremely excited for the show to air so the world will get to see the magic we have going on here. Now that you're caught up on the show as well as the fitness center itself, click through our gallery to check out the new cast members of the show.

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