Jennifer Snell, ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jennifer Snell joins Extreme Weight Loss weighing 342 pounds at 43 years old. She resides in Lovell, Wyoming with her husband Dan and three children – 21-year-old Dylan Johnson (from a previous relationship), 7-year-old Hannah Snell and 6-year-old Timothy Snell. Jenn was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon and moved around a bit, eventually relocating to Wyoming in order to be close to her husband’s family. Read on for the facts on Snell’s tragedies and her journey on the show.

1. Jenn Blames Herself For Her Brother’s Death

When Jenn was a child, she was playing with her younger brother and he hit his head on a brick hearth. Three days later, he died from spinal meningitis, but Jenn didn’t know the real cause of death for a while. Jennifer blamed herself for her brother’s death for decades and believes it caused her to find comfort in food. On Extreme Weight Loss, she visits her brother’s grave and lets go of that emotional guilt.

2. Her Husband Is Terminally Ill

Jenn is married to the love of her life, Dan Snell, and he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome. Now he is terminally ill and was told he only has 5-7 years to live. During the course of the show, Dan has to undergo a “life-altering” surgery.

3. She Is Losing Weight For The Sake Of Her Kids

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It was actually Jenn’s husband who suggested that she go on Extreme Weight Loss. Jenn told The Register Guard:

I don’t know if I’m going be here to walk (daughter) Hannah down the (wedding) aisle, and I don’t think I am going to be here to take my son to ball games. I need to know that you are, and looking at you, I don’t think you will be.

With that, Jenn decided to get healthy so that she can live longer and be there for her children.

4. Jenn Initially Was Cut From The Show

According to the Lovell Chronicle, Jenn was actually accepted by Extreme Weight Loss a year ago, but was cut after the first round of filming. However, Jenn was determined and continued to work with the show’s staff. This made them reconsider and bring her back.

On the show, one of Jenn’s problems is she always skips breakfast, which is a big no-no in Chris and Heidi Powell’s weight-loss plans. So, Chef Rocco DiSpirito takes Jenn on a trip to the grocery store in order to help her find quick and healthy breakfast options to eat.

5. She Was A 911 Operator

Jenn was working as a 911 operator, but ended up having to leave her job in order to help her sick husband. Now she has started her own enterprise, Jenn hopes to inspire others with her story, telling the Lovell Chronicle:

I want to be the light for those people who are experiencing the same type of struggle. I hope my journey will inspire them and give them hope.

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