Joey Lawrence ‘Celebrity Family Feud’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

It’s time for a little bit of brotherly love.

Here’s what you need to know about the Lawrence family:

1. Lawrence Got His Big Break in ‘Blossom’

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After making several commercial appearances and even a stint on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Joey got his big break in 1991 when he was cast as Joey Russo on the hit TV show Blossom.

The show ran from 1991-95 and turned Lawrence into a bonafide heartthrob. His sometimes less-than-intelligent jokes made him an endearing part of 90’s pop culture and people still yell “Whoa!” when they pass Lawrence in public. He told PhillyMag still appreciates his lasting 90’s legacy:

I don’t understand people who have a lot of success for something and then resent it. I think it’s great. You should be happy about that, not act like you’re too cool for the room. I’m not a big fan of that kind of attitude.

Lawrence returned to TV, after a string of guest-star appearances, in 2006 when he competed on Dancing With the Stars. He finished in third place and then took a turn on Broadway, starring as Billy Flynn in Chicago in 2007. Most recently, he’s found a niche on ABC Family, playing opposite Melissa Joan Hart in the TV movie, My Fake Fiance and the sitcom Melissa & Joey. 

2. Matthew Lawrence Starred on ‘Boy Meets World’

Middle brother Matthew also got an early start in showbiz, appearing as Danny Carrington in Dynasty in the mid-1980’s. He was then cast as one of Robin Williams’ children in Mrs. Doubtfire before playing the younger version of his brother Joey’s character on Blossom.

Today, Matthew is best known for his role as Jack Hunter on Boy Meets WorldHe appeared on the show, part of the late 90’s TGIF lineup, for three years until it ended in 2000.

On the personal side of things, Matthew was previously engaged to Heidi Mueller from 2004-06 and dated Cheryl Burke, of Dancing With the Stars fame, for a year from 2007-08. He is currently dating model Laura Jayne New.

3. Andrew Lawrence Has Done Voice Work for Video Games

Andrew, the youngest Lawrence brother, was born on January 12, 1988. He did a handful of on-screen work, even working with his brothers on the TV series Brotherly Love, before settling into a career in voice work.

His earliest credits include the Disney animated series Recess, where he voiced playground leader T.J. Detwiler, as well as several video games. He most recently has done work as “Pac” from Battlefield 4 and “Nick Ramos’ in Dead Rising 3.

4. The Family’s Surname Used to Be Migogna

Lawrence was named after his father, Joseph Lawerence Micnogna, who worked as an insurance broker while his children were growing up, and the family boasts a strong Italian heritage.

However, when Lawrence first started to break into the acting business, getting his first TV role on a Cracker Jack commercial when he was just a few years old, he dropped his original surname and took on Lawernce as his official last name. His younger brothers followed suit when they joined him in Hollywood.

5. The Lawrence’s Grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Lawrence brothers grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and still consider the City of Brotherly Love as their home, despite three different roads to Hollywood success. The group spent weekends down the shore and and are very public fans of Kohr’s Brothers ice cream. Joey is also big-time Eagles fan and even discussed his dedication to the team on the squad’s website in 2013:

I don’t ever miss a game. I live in a household of women – my wife and my two daughters – and so I find a way to watch every week. I’m either with my brothers, because the three of us are huge fans, watching the game or I’m by myself at night, in my media room with my cordless headphones on watching my 80-inch flat-screen TV and it’s awesome to see my Birds play. It’s the greatest experience ever. I don’t get interrupted. It’s just me and my Eagles.

Although the Lawrence family doesn’t do the bi-coastal commute much anymore, even the trio’s parents have officially relocated to Los Angeles, the ties to Philly are still very much there. After all, there was a reason, aside from the somewhat obvious pun, that Brotherly Love was set in Philadelphia.

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