Keen Home Grows After ‘Shark Tank’: Company Interview

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Keen Home entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 and struck a deal with Robert. We caught up with the company to see how they are faring since the reality show.

Here is what they told us about…

Their Growth Since the ‘Tank’:

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Since Shark Tank we’ve seen very strong interest in the Smart Vents and have grown our team from 7 to 12 full time employees and four interns. We are very focused on bringing the Smart Vent to market, though we have started work on our second product that prevents catastrophic flooding in residential basements. We’ll have more to reveal on that after the Smart Vent launches.

Robert’s Involvement:

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Robert and his team have been very supportive, especially on the marketing front. Robert has built an impressive personal brand and we are working on ways to leverage his exposure to the benefit of Keen Home.

Advice for Contestants

It’s what you do before that matters. We spent a over a year hustling before even considering Shark Tank. Our hard work ultimately got us on the show.
Multitask well. Make sure you can repurpose the creative assets you build for the show to drive your business forward. Before and after, stay focused on growing your business so you are in a position of strength in front of the Sharks.
Be prepared for the attention. If we hadn’t quickly spun up a community team or already been planning to rebuild our website, we would have squandered much of the new attention garnered from our appearance on the show.
Act quickly, have a plan, and stay organized. If opportunity presents itself, act on it. Complete your application and start building supporting assets right away. Put a plan in place for how you will maximize exposure from the show and also which Shark(s) you are targeting and why. Be prepared to answer detailed questions on every facet of your business. Above all else, practice your pitch.

What They Learned From Entering the ‘Tank’

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There is no substitute for preparation. We had a excellent experience in the Tank because we were incredibly well prepared for any question they could possibly throw at us. Thus, we were loose, confident, and really had a lot of fun. It’s not every day you get to be featured on national primetime television, so we really soaked in the moment.

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