Mia Isabella, Tyga’s Rumored Transsexual Mistress: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Is rapper Tyga cheating on Kylie Jenner with a transsexual named Mia Isabella (Michelle Levelle)? Read on for details on the rumors, the text messages, and background on Mia Isabella.

1. Mia Isabella Is An Adult Entertainment Actress

Mia Isabella is an actress who lives in LA, but it looks like much of her work is in adult entertainment. She calls herself the “Cutest Little TS Chick with the Biggest Candy Stick”. The bio she wrote on her website reads:

I’m as well known for my 10” sword tucked away in my lace panties, as my ability to change my look like a chameleon and be anything that titillates my fans—from a blonde bob wig to long black hair and a bondage outfit and everything in between. I’m a polished, sophisticated and feminine girl, who’s refined, smart as a whip and at times, shy with a demure confidence—I’m 5’5” and 115 pounds and a perfect 34C-23-34. Born in the windy city of Chicago in 1985, I entered the Adult Industry at the ripe age of 19. My first film was Anabolic’s T-Girls 3 and I starred along side Yasmine Lee and Kayla Coxxx.

You can also view Mia Isabella via the She-Male Club.

2. The Rumors Are That Tyga And Mia Have Had A Relationship For 3 Years

All Hip Hop reports that Tyga and Mia have had an ongoing relationship for about 3 years, since Mia first moved to Los Angeles. This would mean that the two carried on a relationship even when Tyga was with ex Blac Chyna.

3. Mia Isabella Leaked Nude Pics Of Tyga

According to celebrity blogger B Scott, Mia Isabella has leaked nude photos that Tyga had sent her. Check out the nude Twit pics by clicking here.

And, to check out the text messages that are reported to be between Tyga and Mia, click here.

4. There May Be A Sex Tape

The blog Love B Scott reports that they received an email about Mia Isabella and Tyga’s tryst that read:

Allegedly, there was a possible sex tape when she was roommates with a model named Capri [who was once] linked with Charlie Sheen … As you can see they got smart and came up with a plan for if the public ever found out about their relationship using her career as a fashion stylist & consultant for his brand as the connection. In her circle they made no secret of the relationship even inviting people enter their private time together. Clearly for her he’s been willing to risk it all having made plans to see each other just a couple weeks ago and never stopping their relationship through a baby mama and alleged girlfriend. They seem to have a lot of love for each other even as she was being courted by a boxer named Jean Pascal she had no interest in.

If this is true, Tyga better hope that Vivid doesn’t get a hold of that tape.

5. Kylie Jenner Was Reported To Be Spying On Tyga

The names Tyga and Kylie are both trending on Twitter over the allegations that Tyga would cheat on Kylie, who isn’t even 18 years old yet. Recently, Kylie was in the media for allegedly getting help from her mother Kris Jenner to spy on boyfriend Tyga. Radar Online reported a family insider stating:

Kylie’s been in denial about Tyga’s extracurricular activities and everyone’s really struggled to convince her he’s not the perfect guy she thinks he is … She now wants to find out the truth for herself and has taken up Kris’s offer to have him followed. She wants to know where he goes, who he’s with and for how long when he’s not with her. It’s tearing her up inside and she’s terrified about what she’s going to find out.

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